04/19: CLAS Chair Harley Shaiken on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and labor in 223 Moses Hall.

21 de abril: El distinguido poeta chileno Raúl Zurita hará una lectura de "Cielo Abajo."


April 25: Argentine medical anthropologist María Epele shares the realities of urban poverty from research in the shantytowns of Buenos Aires.

VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE: Anthropology professor Laura Nader discussing the Latin American angle to her latest book, What the Rest Think of the West.

Spring Semester Highlights

· Sergio Fajardo - education and transformation

· Javier Couso on judicial independence in Latin America

· Berkeley experts on the Zika virus

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New on YouTube

Javier Couso speaks at Berkeley, February 2016. (Photo by Diana Lopez.)Steve Phillips with Maria Echaveste on the political possibilities of a majority-minority United States. Video and photos

Video and photos

Punit Ghandi.Sergio Fajardo, governor of Antioquia (2012-15) and mayor of Medellín (2004-07), on Colombia's peace process.

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