Sergio Fajardo (pictured with his wife, Dr. Lucretia Ramirez Restrepo, and CLAS chair Harley Shaiken), the governor of Antioquia, Colombia, spoke on the link between education and development (videos, photos.)

The CLAS Blog features recent posts from Berkeley students looking at Brazil's World Cup and Brazil - "Where Are the Protests?" and "The Sins and Marvels of the World Cup."

Apr 29: Forest ecologist Tarek E. Milleron discussed the devastating changes to palm fruit harvesting methods (video) in South America.

Two new CLAS Working Papers, on Latino identity in the United States and the effects of early marriage in Honduras.

Spring Semester Highlights

Film screening and discussion
"Cesar Chavez"
with director Diego Luna

Sergio Fajardo
Governor of Antioquia
"Education as the Engine of Transformation"

Daniel Alarcón, author
Reading: At Night We Walk in Circles

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