Congratulations to Isabel Allende for being named a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and Saul Perlmutter for winning the Breakthrough Prize in Physics!

Dec 5: Meeting for students interested in the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships for Summer 2015 and Academic Year 2015-16.

The Big Give was a great success. Thanks for your support!

Fall Semester Highlights

Panel Discussion
Child Migrants: A Journey of Desperation and Hope

Robert Reich and J.M. Benavente
The Challenge of Inclusive Development

Sergio Massa
On Argentina

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In Memoriam

Tulio Halperin.
Tulio Halperín Donghi (1926-2014)
Professor of History, UC Berkeley
His exceptional intellect, prolific scholarship and humanity inspire us all. More on Prof. Halperín

2014 CONICYT Grants

Professor Randy Schekman, 2013 Nobel Laureate, in Chile.
CONICYT grant sends UCB prof (and Nobel laureate) Randy Schekman to Chile September 2014.
2014 UCB-Chile Seed Funds competition announced

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