A week on Brazil: Apr 16 novelist Adriana Lisboa; Apr 21 Teresa Caldeira on worries about urban youth; Apr 22 screening of "Elena" w/ director Petra Costa. (photo: Rodrigo Soldon)

Apr 30: Sergio Fajardo, the governor of Antioquia, Colombia, to speak on the link between education and development.

Apr 16: Award-winning Brazilian novelist Adriana Lisboa to read from Crow Blue, a literary road trip through Brazil and America.

Apr 16: J-school students to screen doc on one family’s efforts to save the Santiago River, one of Mexico’s most contaminated waterways.

Upcoming Events

Adriana Lisboa

Wednesday, April 16 | 4:00 pm

Documentary screening and discussion

Directed by Steve Fisher and Jason Jaacks (United States, 2014)

Wednesday, April 16 | 6:00 pm

Teresa Caldeira

Monday, April 21 | 12:00 pm

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