June 24 - SYMPOSIUM: "The Evolving Public Role of Universities in Chile and California" (.pdf). (Photo: Universidad de Chile in 1915.)

Video and photosBolivia’s nine years under Morales has seen spectacular successes while continuing dangerous extractivist policies.

Video and photos: Connecting the past & present of Argentina’s indigenous community through the work of the Museo Rural Comunitario.

Spring Semester Highlights

Denise Dresser on "the Mexican morass"

Alain de Janvry on Mexico's land reform history

María Alejandra Korstanje on Argentina's indigenous communities

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Meeting the Pope

Nancy Scheper-Hughes meets Pope Francis, April 2015. (Photo courtesy of Nancy Scheper-Hughes.)
Berkeley's Nancy Scheper-Hughes meets with Pope Francis, April 2015. Her article about the Pope and women in the Catholic Church is coming in the Berkeley Review!

A new partnership

"Coco/Coconut" (1966), by Arturo Estrada, part of "Maestros."
Arturo Estrada, "Coco/Coconut" (oil on canvas, 1966.)
 Part of "Maestros."

CLAS announces a partnership with San Francisco's Mexican Museum. Now on display at the museum:
Maestros - Mexican Masters 

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