2014 CLAS Summer Institute for Teachers: Teacher Resources

A lithograph of the Presidio in San Francisco.
A lithograph of the Presidio in San Francisco.

California in Transition
Teacher Resources

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Analyzing Visual Sources: A PowerPoint Produced by the History-Social Science Project

Unit Map: California in Transition Lesson

Lesson Plan: California in Transition

Blank Art Analysis Worksheet for K-5 Students

Blank Art Analysis Worksheet for 6-12 Students

Calisphere: Sets of Primary Source Documents From California



From Alta California to California, the Golden State: An International Perspective
Alex Saragoza, Associate Professor of History, Department of Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Voices and Images From the Past: Primary Sources and the Curriculum
Rose Marie Beebe, Professor of Spanish, Santa Clara University 


More Videos Coming Soon!

All lesson plan materials courtesy of the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project