2016 Tinker Field Research Grants

Pascual relates a hunting story to his brother-in-law José. From left to right: José Ramirez Rios, Jevon Heath, Pascual Gomez Flores, Myra Ramirez. (Photo courtesy of Jevon Heath.)
Tinker recipient Jevon Heath (center) studies the Yaminawa Language in 2013. (Photo courtesy of Jevon Heath.)

Tinker Field Research Grants are available to individuals for travel and field-related expenses for brief periods of pre-dissertation field research in Latin America, defined here as the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of the region. Awards are open to students across all academic disciplines and graduate dhttp://clas.berkeley.edu/student-report/summer-2016egree programs.

This grant competition is now completed.


See the research of the 2016 Tinker Summer Grant Recipients!

Diego Arevalo (Spanish and Portuguese)
Topic: Colonization of the Amazon in Colombia

Gabriela Borge (Graduate School of Education
Topic: Intercultural education in Mayan communities in Mexico

Levi Bridges (Graduate School of Journalism)
Topic: Mexican laborers employed in the U.S. traveling carnival industry

Angela Castillo (Anthropology)
Topic: the gold mining boom in Colombia

Mario Castillo (Anthropology)
Topic: Historical archeology in Mexico

Betsabé Castro Escobar (Integrative Biology)
Topic: Phenotypic variation in edible and medicinal plants in Cuba and the Dominican Republic

Marianela D’aprile (Architecture)
Topic: The construction of the Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno in Argentina

Patricio Dominguez (Goldman School of Public Policy)
Topic: Patterns of juvenile crime among high-school dropouts in Chile

Elena Duran (Graduate Group in Science and Mathematics Education)
Topic: The engineering and scientific identity of children in Ecuador

Ignacio Escalante (Environmental Science, Policy and Management Department)
Topic: Daddy long-legs in Panama

Shane Fallon (School of Public Health)
Topic: Dietary change and obesity in Amazonian Peru 

Sophie FitzMaurice (History)
Topic: History of sovereignty at sea in the Caribbean, in Mexico

Marcelo Garzo (Ethnic Studies)
Topic: Historical trauma and radical cultural healing in transnational Chile

Javier Jauregui-Lazo (Integrative Biology)
Topic: Phylogenetic diversity and endemism of mosses in Chile

Craig Johnson (History)
Topic: History of the political right in Argentina and Chile

Chris Lesser (Geography Department)
Topic: Deforestation and reforestation in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

Cristobal Madero (Graduate School of Education)
Topic: Mitigation of conflicts through education in Chile

Nain Martinez (Environmental Science, Policy and Management)
Topic: Wind energy development in Mexico

Esteban Miron Marvan (Anthropology)
Topic: Social indigenous archeology in Mexico

Franklin Moreno (Graduate School of Education)
Topic: Youth moral reasoning in Honduras

John Mundell (African American Studies)
Topic: Black sailors in the Brazilian Navy

Emily Pearman (Public Health)
Topic: Urinary tract infections in a Brazilian slum

Nicole Ramsey (African American & African Diaspora Studies)
Topic: Black cultural exchange and identity formations in Costa Rica

Ruth Rouvier (Linguistics)
Topic: The Miskitu language in Nicaragua

Valentina Rozas-Krause (Architecture)
Topic: Archaeologies of violence in Argentina and Chile

Naomi Schoenfeld (Anthropology )
Topic: Biomedical innovation in Cuba

Becca Shareff (Cognition and Development)
Topic: Experimental science education in Honduras

Ashley Smiley (Integrative Biology)
Topic: Andean hummingbirds in Colombia

Chris Sullivan (History)
Topic: Estate management in Revolutionary Mexico

Matias Tagle (School of Public Health)
Topic: Household air pollution in Paraguay

Carrie Tribble (Integrative Biology)
Topic:  Evolutionary biogeography of underground secondary metabolites in geophytic plants in Colombia

Elisa Ugarte (Graduate School of Education)
Topic: The education system in Chile 

Jose Pablo Vasquez Carvajal (Economics)
Topic: Networks of firms and the aggregate economy in Costa Rica