Affiliated Faculty of CLAS

Department of African American Studies


Michel S. Laguerre
Interests:Contemporary social theory;
information technology; transnational
diaspora politics; global metropolitan studies
Professor Laguerre's wepage

Tianna S. Paschel
Assistant Professor
Interests: racial ideology, politics, and
globalization in Latin America;
Afro-Latino politics; modes of citizenship
Professor Paschel's webpage

Stephen Small
Associate Professor
Interests: Slavery; Mixed race people
Region of Interest: U.S. and Caribbean
Professor Small's webpage
3-8211, 2-7084


Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics

Miguel Altieri
Interests: Biological ControlAgro-ecology
Professor Altieri's webpage
2-9802, 2-3327

Alain de Janvry
Economic planning
Interests: Poverty; Agricultural and rural development policy
Professor de Janvry's webpage
2-3348, 2-3345

Elisabeth Sadoulet
Interests: Economic developmentMacroeconomic and agricultural policiesQuantitative analysis and economic modelsContract theoryHousehold and community behavior
Professor Sadoulet's webpage
2-7225, 2-3345 


Department of Anthropology


Stanley Brandes
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Psychological AnthropologyRitual and ReligionFolklore and the life courseGender
Region of Interest: Spain and Mexico
Professor Brandes' webpage
2-6945, 2-3391

Charles L. Briggs
Interests: Linguistic and medical anthropologySocial theoryTension between modernity and traditionalityCitizenship and the stateRaceViolence
Professor Briggs' webpage
3-2012 or 2-3391 

William Hanks
Interests: Maya cultureLanguage in cultureDiscourse, cognition, and communicationShamanism; Logic in Anthropological inquiryAnthropology of literature
Region of Interest: Yucatan
Professor Hanks' webpage

Christine Hastorf
Interests: Food and agriculture; Archeology; Political complexity; Gender; Paleoethnobotany
Region of Interest: the Andes
Professor Hastorf's webpage
2-5457, 3-1112 

Cori Hayden
Associate Professor
Interests: Anthropology of science, technology and medicinePost-colonial science studiesLatin America and MexicoKinship, gender and queer studies
Region of Interest: Mexico
Professor Hayden's webpage

Seth Holmes
Assistant Professor
Interests: Medical anthropology and public healthLatin AmericaRace and racismTransnational im/migration
Professor Holmes' webpage

James Holston
Interests: Insurgent citizenship movements in BrazilCities, Democracy, ViolenceUrban Ethnography
Region of Interest: Brazil
Professor Holston's webpage

Rosemary Joyce
Interests: Settlement patterns, symbolism, and social organization in complex societiesAnalysis of archeological ceramics
Region of Interest: Central America
Professor Joyce's webpage

Laura Nader
Interests: Comparative ethnography of law and dispute resolutionConflictControlling processesComparative family organizationsProfessional mind-sets
Region of Interest: Mexico
Professor Nader's webpage
2-1218, 2-3391

Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Critical Medical Anthropology; Anthropology of violence; Madness and culture; Inequality and marginality; Childhood and the family
Region of Interest: Brazil and Cuba
Professor Scheper-Hughes' webpage
2-8431, 2-3391  


Department of Architecture 

René Davids
Interests: South American architectureQuality designMutifamily and affordable housingUrban design
Professor David's webpage

M. Paz Gutierrez
Assistant Professor
Interests: Material systems and ecologiesInterdisciplinary data visualization
Professor Gutierrez' webpage


Haas School of Business


Ernesto Dal Bo
Associate Professor
Interests: Corruption and political influence; Collective decision-making; Economy of Regulation and Antitrust; Regulatory issues in development; Social Conflict
Professor Dal Bo's webpage

Pablo Spiller
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Industrial organizationPolitical economyEconomy of Regulation and AntitrustRegulatory issues in development countries
Professor Spiller's webpage


City and Regional Planning


Teresa Caldeira
Interests: Contemporary urban developmentPatterns of spatial segregation and social discriminationRelationship between urban form and political transformation
Region of Interest: Brazil
Professor Caldeira's webpage

Karen Chapple
Interests: Local economic development; sustainable regional planning; Guatemala; Argentina; Peru; Brazil; Colombia
Professor Chapple's webpage

Michael Dear
Interests: Urban TheorySocial TheoryComparative UrbanismDisability Studies
Professor Dear's webpage


Graduate School of Education


Patricia Baquedano-López
Associate Professor
Interests: Language, learning, and literacy practicesUrban schools, after-school programs, and home and work communities
Professor Baquedano-López's webpage

Lisa García-Bedolla
Chancellor's Professor
Interests: Educational and gender equityImmigrant issuesPublic engagementEthnic issues
Professor García-Bedolla's webpage

Erin Murphy-Graham
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Interests: Education and social change; Latin America
Professor Murphy-Graham's webpage

Harley Shaiken
Professor and Chair, Center for Latin American Studies
Interests: Skill formationTrainingWork Organization; Global ProductionWork technologyEducation
Professor Shaiken's Department of Education webpage
3-5363, 2-7127, 2-9678, 2-2088
(also affiliated with Department of Geography)


Energy and Resources Group 


Daniel Kammen 
Interests: Climate Change; International Research and Development; Rural Resource Management 
Professor Kammen's webpage
3-4590, 2-1640 


Department of English


Genaro M. Padilla 
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs; Associate Professor
Interests: Minority Literature; Chicano LiteratureEthnic Autobiography
Professor Padilla's webpage


Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management


Miguel Altieri
Interests: Biological ControlAgro-ecology
Professor Altieri's webpage
2-9802, 2-3327

Claudia Carr
Associate Professor
Interests: International and rural resource development
Professor Carr's webpage

Ignacio Chapela
Associate Professor
Interests: Microbial EcologyMycology
Professor Chapela's webpage

Gordon Frankie
Interests: Comparative apiary studiesUrban residential gardens
Region of Interest: Costa Rica
Professor Frankie's webpage
2-0973, 2-7111  

Katharine Milton

Interests: Tropical ecology of humans and non-human primatesDietParasite-host interactions
Professor Milton's webpage


Department of Ethnic Studies


Raúl Coronado
Associate Professor
Interests: Latina/o literary and intellectual history (colonial period-1940s), literature of the Americas

Ramón Grosfoguel
Associate Professor
Interests: Caribbean migrationLatinos in the U.S.Global citiesPolitical economy of the Caribbean and Latin America
Professor Grosfoguel's webpage

Beatriz Manz
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Latin AmericaPeasantryMigrationsSocial MovementsHuman rightsPolitical conflict
Region of Interest: Guatemala
Professor Manz's webpage
3-5765, 2-3903
(also affiliated with Department of Geography) 

David Montejano
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Political SociologyDevelopmentRace and Ethnic Relations
Professor Montejano's webpage

Laura Pérez
Associate Professor
Interests: U.S. Latina and Latin American women's writingChicana/o literature and visual artsContemporary cultural theory
Professor Pérez's webpage
3-1584, 3-0796 

Alex Saragoza
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Concentration of wealth and power in MexicoMexican migrationTransnational ideology and representation
Region of Interest: Mexico and Cuba
Professor Saragoza's webpage
2-2519, 3-0796  


Department of Gender and Women's Studies


Leslie Salzinger
Associate Professor
Interests: Economic sociologyGlobalizationFeminist theoryCultural constitution of economic processes
Professor Salzinger's webpage
3-2012 or 2-3391  


Department of Geography


Jeffrey Q. Chambers
Associate Professor
Interests: Terrestrial ecosystem ecology and biogeography, tropical forests and climate change interactions, forest disturbance and recovery processes, landscape dynamics and remote sensing.
Professor Chambers' webpage

Beatriz Manz
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Latin America; Peasantry; Migrations; Social Movements; Human rights; Political conflict
Region of Interest: Guatemala
Professor Manz's webpage
3-5765, 2-3903
(also affiliated with Department of Ethnic Studies) 

Nathan Sayre
Associate Professor
Interests: Semiarid rangelandsUrbanizationConservationEducation
Region of Interest: Southwestern US and Northwestern Mexico
Professor Sayre's webpage

Harley Shaiken
Professor, Chair of the Center for Latin American Studies
Interests: Skill formationTrainingWork OrganizationGlobal ProductionWork technologyEducation
Professor Shaiken's webpage at the Department of Geography
3-5363, 2-7127, 2-9678, 2-2088
(also affiliated with Graduate School of Education) 

Michael Watts
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Political economy and ecologyDevelopmentPeasant societiesSocial and cultural theoryU.S. agricultureIslam and social movements
Region of Interest: Africa
Professor Watts' webpage


Department of History


Margaret Chowning
Interests: Modern MexicoSocio-economics
Region of Interest: Mexico
Professor Chowning's webpage

Brian DeLay
Associate Professor
Interests: 19th Century Americas US and the worldNative peoplesInternational arms tradeTransnational history
Region of Interest: U.S. - Mexico Borderlands
Professor DeLay's webpage

Rebecca Herman
Assistant Professor
Interests: Modern Latin America; Brazil, Argentina, Panama, and Cuba; U.S.-Latin American relations
Professor Herman's webpage

Elena Schneider
Assistant Professor
Interests: The Atlantic World, 1400-1888Colonial Latin America
Region of Interest: Cuba and the Caribbean 
Professor Schneider's webpage


Department of History of Art


Julia Bryan-Wilson
Associate Professor
Interests: Modern and contemporary art in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America
Professor Bryan-Wilson's webpage

Lisa Trever
Assistant Professor
Interests: Pre-Columbian and colonial art and visual culture in Latin America
Professor Trever's webpage


Department of Integrative Biology


Roy Caldwell
Interests: Invertebrate behavioral biology and ecologyBiology and geomorphology of tropical flora
Professor Caldwell's webpage
2-1391, 3-5448  

Paul Fine
Assistant Professor
Interests: Amazonian rain forest tree diversityEvolutionary biology
Region of Interest: Amazonian Rain Forest
Professor Fine's webpage

David Wake
Interests: HerpetologyEvolutionary biology; tropical forests of Central America
Professor Wake's webpage
2-3567, 2-3281 


International & Area Studies


Alan Karras
Senior Lecturer
Interests: Social history of Caribbean islandsColonial history, economic history, slavery
Region of Interest: Caribbean
Alan Karras' webpage

Jerry Sanders
Interests: International relationsSecurity policyPeace and conflict studies
Region of Interest: Mexico and Colombia


Graduate School of Journalism


Lydia Chávez
Interests: Journalism
Region of Interest: Cuba, Mexico, and the U.S./Mexico border
Professor Chavez's webpage
2-9235, 2-3383 

Cynthia Gorney
Interests: JournalismSouth America
Professor Gorney's webpage


Berkeley Law School


Roxanna Altholz
Assistant Clinical Professor
Interests: International human rights lawTransitional justice
Roxanna Altholz's webpage

Maria Echaveste
Interests: Immigration and public policy
Maria Echaveste's webpage 

Laurel E. Fletcher
Clinical Professor of Law;
Director, International Human Rights Law Clinic
Interests: Human rights law; Transitional justice
Professor Fletcher's webpage

Ian Haney Lopez
Interests: Law and race in AmericaCritical race theoryLegal history of the Los Angeles Chicano Power Movement
Professor Lopez's webpage


Department of Music


Jocelyne Guilbault
Interests: Caribbean musicPopular musicEthnomusicologyDiaspora studies
Region of Interest: Caribbean
Professor Guilbault's webpage
2-2687, 2-2678


Department of Political Science

Vinod Aggarwal
Interests: Comparative regionalism in Europe, North America, and AsiaInternational systemsMultinational corporations
Professor Aggarwal's webpage
2-2817, 2-6323, 3-1071 

David Collier
Robson Professor of the Graduate School
Interests: Comparative politicsLatin AmericaMethodologyConceptualization and measurementCausal assessment and qualitative researchRegime change and democratization
Professor Collier's webpage
2-8168, 2-6323 

Ruth Collier
Heller Professor of the Graduate School
Interests: Comparative politicsLatin AmericaRegime change and democratizationMexican politicsLabor politics
Professor Collier's webpage
3-8019, 2-6323 

Thad Dunning
Interests: Comparative politicsPolitical economy and methodologyLatin American politics
Professor Dunning's website

Aila Matanock
Assistant Professor
Interests: International engagement during and after civil conflictPost-conflict peace-building, state-building, and developmentGovernance by non-state actorsSocial support for armed state, non-state, and international actors, especially in Latin America
Professor Matanock's webpage

Alison Post
Assistant Professor
Interests:Comparative Political Economy; Regulation; Urban Politics and Policy; Environmental Policy
Professor Post's biography


School of Public Health


Stefano Bertozzi
Interests: Health policy and management; HIV and tuburculosis; health policy in Mexico
Professor Bertozzi's webpage

Lia C. Haskin Fernald
Associate Professor
Interests: Immigrant health, inequalities and health disparitiesObesity, overweight, and nutritional and epidemiologic transitionMalnutrition, international child health and development
Professor Fernald's website

Sylvia Guendelman 
Associate Professor
Interests: Reproductive health of immigrant womenAccess to health care for disadvantaged populationsHealth along the U.S.-Mexico border; Juvenile asthma
Professor Guendelman's webpage
2-2848, 2-1512 

Eva Harris
Associate Professor
Interests: Molecular virology, pathogenesis, and epidemiology of dengueScientific capacity building in developing countriesPH292/3 Immune Evasion in Host-Pathogen Interactions
Professor Harris' webpage

Lee Riley
Interests:  Epidemiology, infectious diseases, and vaccinology; tuberculosis and drug-resistant gram-negative bacterial infections; international health, focused slum health
Professor Riley's webpage

Goldman School of Public Policy


Daniel Kammen 
Interests: Climate ChangeInternational Research and DevelopmentRural Resource Management
Professor Kammen's webpage
3-4590, 2-1640 


School of Social Welfare


Kurt Organista 

Associate Professor
Interests: Chicano/Latino psychosocial problems; Acculturation and adjustment of ethnic minorities to American societyMinority mental health; Cognitive-behavioral therapy; Depression in Latinos; HIV prevention with Mexican migrant laborers/Latinos
Professor Organista's webpage
3-6671, 2-4341  


Department of Sociology


Irene Bloemraad
Associate Professor
Interests: Immigration from Latin America
Professor Bloemraad's webpage

Laura Enríquez 
Interests: Development in Latin America; Rural sociology; Political sociology; Social movements
Professor Enríquez's webpage
2-2502, 2-4766  

Peter Evans 
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Development and globalization; Comparative political economyLatin America
Professor Evans' webpage
2-5877, 2-4766

Mara Loveman
Associate Professor
Interests: Ethnoracial politics, nationalism, and the stateInequality and political development in Latin America
Professor Loveman's webpage    

G. Cristina Mora
Assistant Professor
Interests: Culture, Race and Ethnicity; Organizations; ImmigrationReligion
Professor Mora's webpage

Martín Sanchez-Jankowski 
Interests: Urban sociologyPolitical sociology; Poverty; Race and ethnicity; Youth culture; Survey research
Professor Sanchez-Jankowski's webpage
3-8779, 2-4766 


Department of Spanish and Portuguese


Milton Azevedo 
Interests: Hispanic linguisticsApplied linguistics

Amelia Barili 
Interests: Post-1700 Spanish literature
Amelia Barili's webpage

Emilie L. Bergmann
Interests: Spanish American prose and poetry

Natalia Brizuela
Associate Professor
Interests: 19th and 20th century Latin American literature; Southern-cone and Brazil; cinema; photography

Ivonne del Valle
Assistant Professor
Interests: Colonial studies: Literature, History and Culture; Baroque and Enlightenment in colonial settings; Relationships between religion and technology, economy, and environment; Subaltern Studies
Region of Interest: Mexico
Prof. del Valle's webpage       

Daylet Dominguez
Assistant Professor
Interests: Latin American and Caribbean cultures and literatures, 19th-21st centuries
Prof. Dominguez's webpage

Clelia F. Donovan
Portuguese Instructor

Charles B. Faulhaber
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Medieval Spanish and Catalan literature; Paleography and dodicology; Computer-assisted research techniques

Francine Masiello 
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Spanish American literature; Prose and poetry in Argentina; Literary theory
2-4389, 2-0471, 2-1202
(also affiliated with Department of Comparative Literature)  

Ignacio Navarrete
Interests: Spanish Golden Age literature, especially poetry, poetics, and historiography; Literary theory

Candace Slater 
Interests: Brazilian literature and culture; Latin American folk and popular traditions
2-2114, 2-0471  

Estelle Tarica
Associate Professor
Interests: 20th century Latin American literature and culture; French Caribbean literature; Post-colonial theories
Region of Interest: Mexico and the Andes
Professor Tarica's webpage


Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies

Angela Marino
Assistant Professor
Interests: Politics and performance in the Americas; Fiesta and carnival; Latina/o and Latin American plays, history and perfomance
Professor Marino's webpage