Courses of interest, Spring 2017

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Courses at the Center

CLAS offers a variety of courses taught by visitors, from short seminars to semester-long classes.  Some past teachers include Presidents Michelle Bachelet and Ricardo Lagos of Chile; musician Horacio Salinas; and renowned journalist Alma Guillermoprieto.

Past CLAS Courses

Sergio Fajardo, "Education as the Engine of Social Transformation"
Javier Couso, "The Clash Between Liberal and Radical Constitutionalism in Contemporary Latin America"


The Southern Border

Harley Shaiken, the chair of the Center for Latin American Studies and Professor of Geography and the Graduate School of Education,  teach "The Southern Border," tracing the origins of the changes that have defined today's southern frontier of the United States, and critically examining the debates on immigration reform, education, trade, and politics as well as new cultural and political identities in the border regions.

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