Latin American Studies Students at Berkeley

Graduate Student Affiliates of the Center for Latin American Studies

Mathias Poertner
Political Science


Past Students in the Program in Latin American Studies

Entering 2014-15

Beatriz Herrera (Vassar College, English Major, Latin American Studies Minor, 2005)
Research interests: intersection of arts, culture, and social movements, civic engagement among Latino immigrants, Afro-Latino identity politics, and Mesoamerican society

Adriana Ramírez (UC Davis, International Relations & Socio-Cultural Anthropology double major, 2012)
Research interests:undocumented youth that immigrate unaccompanied

Leila Juzam Pucheu (Universidad de Chile, BA in Social Anthropology, 2010)
Research interests: immigration, transnationalism, immigrant women workers in Chile

Rachel Ward 

Entering 2013-14

Alexandra Almeida (PUC-RJ (Catolica Rio) BA Electrical Engineering 1995)
Research interests: international development; empowering women to reduce poverty

César Bowley Castillo (UCSB Music 2012)
Research interests: poverty; social movements, immigration, US-LA relations; impact of free trade agreements on poverty in Colombia, Peru and Panama

Ana Galvis Martínez (Universidad Antioquia BA Biology 2006; MA Colegio de la Frontera Sur Ecosur, Chiapas, Sustainable Development)
Research interests: Agroecology, food security in Colombia

Alejandra Sanchez (UCLA, LAS 2010)
Research interests: history; youth culture; barriers to higher education