From the Review: Javier Couso on the critical importance of an independent judiciary to a democratic government.

Berkeley Review: Rosemary Joyce and Russell Sheptak on dangers to environmental and other activists in Honduras.

CLAS Working Papers

Cover of CLAS Working Paper by Kenneth Roberts.

Born in the USA: The Identities of American-Born Latinos

Paul Spoonley and Beatriz Manz (with Harold Eberhart and Maribel Lopez)

New book

Book cover of "Shaping Terrain: City Building in Latin America," edited by René Davids.Professor René Davids, Shaping Terrain: City Building in Latin America


Logo of Chile's Conicyt.· List of funded projects 
· Info on project outcomes coming soon! 

BLOG: Yes for Colombia

Supporting the Colombian peace accord. (Photo by Efraín Herrera.)
The October 2 plebiscite on the peace accord with the FARC.