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These Students Have Bold Ideas on How to Make Renewable Energy a Reality in Latin America
by Tanya Dimitrova

Berkeley researchers look at innovative plans for renewable energy in Latin America

California Drought Drives Unemployed Farm Workers to Depend on Food Banks

by Steve Fisher

Original reporting by Univision Fellow Steve Fisher on the impact of the drought on farmworkers 

Demián Bichir on The Power of Film And Telling The Immigrant Story

by Steve Fisher

On Oscar nominee Demián Bichir's visit with a Berkeley class

Why The Colombian Military Might Not Have as Much Support as You Think

by Erika Hellerstein

On Professor Aila Matanock's survey research, presented at CLAS in fall 2013.

Judges Who Convicted a Guatemalan Dictator Speak Up

by Steve Fisher

On this visit to Berkeley by the three Guatemalan justices (photos) involved in the trial of Efraín Ríos Montt

Chile Is One of the Most Economically and Educationally Segregated Countries in the World
by Sarah McClure 

On "The Alternative Model" (video and photos), a talk for CLAS by Javier Couso and Guillermo Larraín

Mexican Government's War on Drugs Tied to Increase in Homicides
by Steve Fisher 

On Professor Beatriz Magaloni's talk for CLAS "Mexico's Drug War" (video and photos)