Affiliated Faculty of CLAS

Department of African American Studies


Aya de León
Lecturer; Director, Poetry for the People
Interests: Creative writing; Literary and popular fiction; Aex work; Afro-Latinx politics; Race; Class; Gender; Culture; Climate action
Aya de León's webpage

Michel S. Laguerre
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Contemporary social theory; Information technology; Transnational diaspora politics; Global metropolitan studies
Professor Laguerre's webpage

Tianna S. Paschel
Associate Professor
Interests: Racial ideology, politics, and globalization in Latin America; Afro-Latinx politics; Modes of citizenship
Professor Paschel's webpage

Stephen Small
Associate Professor; Interim Director, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues
Interests: Slavery; Mixed race people; United States; the Caribbean
Professor Small's webpage


Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics


Alain de Janvry
Interests: Poverty; Agricultural and rural development policy
Professor de Janvry's webpage

Marco Gonzalez-Navarro
Associate Professor
Interests: Development economics; Urban economics; Land rights and reform; Urban transit
Professor Gonzalez-Navarro's webpage

Elisabeth Sadoulet
Interests: Economic developmentMacroeconomic and agricultural policiesQuantitative analysis and economic modelsContract theoryHousehold and community behavior
Professor Sadoulet's webpage


Department of Anthropology


Stanley Brandes
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Psychological Anthropology; Ritual and Religion; Folklore and the life course; Gender; Spain and Mexico
Professor Brandes' webpage

Charles L. Briggs
Professor; Chair, Folklore; Co-Director, Medical Anthropology
Interests: Linguistic and medical anthropology; Social theory; Tension between modernity and traditionality; Citizenship and the state; Race; Violence
Professor Briggs' webpage 

William Hanks
Interests: Maya cultureLanguage in cultureDiscourse, cognition, and communicationShamanism; Logic in Anthropological inquiryAnthropology of literature; Yucatan
Professor Hanks' webpage

Christine Hastorf
Interests: Food and agriculture; Archeology; Political complexity; Gender; Paleoethnobotany; the Andes
Professor Hastorf's webpage

Cori Hayden
Associate Professor
Interests: Anthropology of science, technology and medicine; Post-colonial science studies; Latin America and Mexico; Kinship, gender and queer studies; Mexico
Professor Hayden's webpage

Seth Holmes
Associate Professor
Interests: Medical anthropology and public health; Latin America; Race and racism; Transnational im/migration
Professor Holmes' webpage

James Holston
Interests: Insurgent citizenship movements in BrazilCities, Democracy, ViolenceUrban Ethnography; Brazil
Professor Holston's webpage

Rosemary Joyce
Interests: Settlement patterns, symbolism, and social organization in complex societiesAnalysis of archeological ceramics; Central America
Professor Joyce's webpage

Laura Nader
Interests: Comparative ethnography of law and dispute resolutionConflictControlling processesComparative family organizationsProfessional mind-sets; Mexico
Professor Nader's webpage

Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Critical Medical Anthropology; Anthropology of violence; Madness and culture; Inequality and marginality; Childhood and the family; Brazil; Cuba
Professor Scheper-Hughes' webpage 


Department of Architecture 

René Davids
Interests: South American architectureQuality designMultifamily and affordable housingUrban design
Professor David's webpage

M. Paz Gutierrez
Associate Professor
Interests: Material systems and ecologiesInterdisciplinary data visualization
Professor Gutierrez' webpage


Haas School of Business


Ernesto Dal Bó
Phillips Girgich Professor of Business
Interests: Corruption and political influence; Collective decision-making; Economy of Regulation and Antitrust; Regulatory issues in development; Social Conflict
Professor Dal Bo's webpage

Pablo Spiller
Jeffrey A. Jacobs Distinguished Professorship in Business and Technology, Emeritus
Interests: Industrial organizationPolitical economyEconomy of Regulation and AntitrustRegulatory issues in development countries
Professor Spiller's webpage 


Center for Latin American Studies

Maria Echaveste
Senior Scholar
Attorney, immigration specialist, and policy advisor

More on CLAS Scholars


City and Regional Planning


Teresa Caldeira
Interests: Contemporary urban development; Patterns of spatial segregation and social discrimination; Relationship between urban form and political transformation; Brazil
Professor Caldeira's webpage

Karen Chapple
Chair and Professor of City and Regional Planning, Carmel P. Friesen Chair 
Interests: Local economic development; Sustainable regional planning; Guatemala; Argentina; Peru; Brazil; Colombia
Professor Chapple's webpage

Michael Dear
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Urban Theory; Social Theory; Comparative Urbanism; Disability Studies
Professor Dear's webpage

Daniel A. Rodriguez
Chancellor's Professor; Associate Director, Institute for Transportation Studies
Interests: Transportation policy and planning; Environmental planning; Healthy cities
Professor Rodriguez's webpage


Department of Comparative Literature


Robert Kaufman
Associate Professor
Interests: Modern (19th-21st Centuries) Poetry, Poetics, and Criticism in Spanish (Latin America; US; Spain), in comparative dialogue with English, French, and German-language poetry, poetics, and aesthetics; Frankfurt School Critical Theory and Arts
Professor Kaufman's webpage


Graduate School of Education


Patricia Baquedano-López
Associate Professor
Interests: Language, learning, and literacy practices; Urban schools, after-school programs, and home and work communities
Professor Baquedano-López's webpage

Lisa García-Bedolla
Chancellor's Professor; Vice Provost, Graduate Studies; Dean, Graduate Division
Interests: Educational and gender equity; Immigrant issues; Public engagement; Ethnic issues
Professor García-Bedolla's webpage

Erin Murphy-Graham
Associate Adjunct Professor
Interests: Education and social change; Latin America
Professor Murphy-Graham's webpage

Harley Shaiken
Professor; Chair, Center for Latin American Studies
Interests: Skill formationTrainingWork Organization; Global ProductionWork technologyEducation
Professor Shaiken's webpage
(also affiliated with Department of Geography)


Energy and Resources Group 


Daniel Kammen 
Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor of Energy
Interests: Climate Change; International Research and Development; Rural Resource Management 
Professor Kammen's webpage


Department of English


Marcial Gonzalez
Associate Professor
Interests: Chicanx literature; Twentieth-century American ethnic literatures; Theory of the novel; Marxism; Critical theory; Farm worker social movements
Professor Gonzalez's webpage

Genaro M. Padilla 
Interests: Minority Literature; Chicanx Literature; Ethnic autobiography
Professor Padilla's webpage


Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management


Miguel Altieri
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Biological ControlAgro-ecology
Professor Altieri's webpage

Claudia Carr
Associate Professor
Interests: International and rural resource development
Professor Carr's webpage

Ignacio Chapela
Associate Professor
Interests: Microbial EcologyMycology
Professor Chapela's webpage 

Gordon Frankie
Interests: Comparative apiary studies; Urban residential gardens; Costa Rica
Professor Frankie's webpage 

Katharine Milton
Interests: Tropical ecology of humans and non-human primates; Diet; Parasite-host interactions
Professor Milton's webpage


Department of Ethnic Studies


Raúl Coronado
Associate Professor
Interests: Latinx literary and intellectual history (colonial period-1940s); Literature of the Americas
Professor Coronado's webpage 

Pablo Gonzalez
Continuing Lecturer
Interests: Social movements; Urban Anthropology; Borderlands Anthropology; Decolonial Thought and Praxis; Criminality and Illegality; Chicanx Studies; Critical Race Theory/Praxis; the study of Commons/Enclosures
Professor Gonzalez's webpage

Ramón Grosfoguel
Associate Professor
Interests: Caribbean migration; Latinos in the U.S.; Global cities; Political economy of the Caribbean and Latin America
Professor Grosfoguel's webpage  

Enrique Lima
Continuing Lecturer, Ethnic Studies
Interests: American literature and cultural studies, Latin America, Native American Literature and History, Theory and History of the Novel, Transnational Indigenous Issues

Beatriz Manz
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Latin America; Peasantry; Migrations; Social Movements; Human rights; Political conflict; Guatemala
Professor Manz's webpage
(also affiliated with Department of Geography) 

David Montejano
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Political SociologyDevelopmentRace and Ethnic Relations
Professor Montejano's webpage  

Laura Pérez
Interests: U.S. Latina and Latin American women's writing; Chicanx literature and visual arts; Contemporary cultural theory
Professor Pérez's webpage

Juana María Rodríguez
Professor and Chair, Ethnic Studies
Interests: Race and sexual politics: LGBTQ communities in Latin/x America & the Caribbean; sex work; media & digital cultures

Alex Saragoza
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Concentration of wealth and power in Mexico; Mexican migration; Transnational ideology and representation; Mexico; Cuba
Professor Saragoza's webpage

Lok Siu
Associate Professor
Interests: Transnationalism; Migration; Cultural Citizenship; Un/Belonging; Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Formation; Asians in the Americas; Cultural Politics of Food; Ethnography
Professor Siu's webpage

Raymond Telles
Associate Adjunct Professor
Interests: Chicanx and Latinx film studies; Documentary film production
Professor Telles' webpage


Department of Gender and Women's Studies


Courtney Desiree Morris
Assistant Professor
Interests: Black women’s social movements, state violence and authoritarianism, critical race theory, feminist and queer theory, environmental ethics, black visual culture and aesthetics
Regions: Latin America, the Caribbean and the US

Leslie Salzinger
Associate Professor
Interests: Economic sociologyGlobalizationFeminist theoryCultural constitution of economic processes
Professor Salzinger's webpage


Department of Geography


Jeffrey Q. Chambers
Interests: Terrestrial ecosystem ecology and biogeography; Tropical forests and climate change interactions; Forest disturbance and recovery processes; Landscape dynamics and remote sensing
Professor Chambers' webpage

Jovan Scott Lewis
Assistant Professor
Interests: Postcolonial formulary in the Caribbean and its Diaspora; Individual subjectivity, the circumstances of state economic underdevelopment, and racial ethical notions produced by the comprehensive condition of impoverishment
Professor Lewis' webpage

Beatriz Manz
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Latin America; Peasantry; Migrations; Social Movements; Human rights; Political conflict; Guatemala
Professor Manz's webpage
(also affiliated with Department of Ethnic Studies) 

Diana Negrín
Instructor, Department of Geography
Interests: The production of racial discourses and practices in Mexico and the Western Hemisphere, migration, identity formation, urbanization, activism, and the construction of place.

Nathan Sayre
Interests: Semiarid rangelands; Urbanization; Conservation; Education; Southwestern U.S. and Northwestern Mexico
Professor Sayre's webpage

Harley Shaiken
Professor; Chair, Center for Latin American Studies
Interests: Skill formation; Training; Work Organization; Global Production; Work technology; Education
Professor Shaiken's webpage
(also affiliated with Graduate School of Education) 

Michael Watts
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Political economy and ecologyDevelopmentPeasant societiesSocial and cultural theoryU.S. agricultureIslam and social movements
Professor Watts' webpage


Department of German

Jeroen Dewulf
Associate Professor; Interim Director, Global and International Area Studies
Interests: Dutch and Portuguese (post)colonial literature and history; Transatlantic slave trade; Low Country and European Studies
Professor Dewulf's webpage


Department of Global Studies


Alan Karras
Associate Director, International and Area Studies
Interests: Social history of Caribbean islands; Colonial history; Economic history; Slavery 
Alan Karras' webpage


Department of History


Margaret Chowning
Interests: Modern MexicoSocio-economics
Professor Chowning's webpage

Brian DeLay
Associate Professor
Interests: 19th Century AmericasU.S. and the worldNative peoplesInternational arms tradeTransnational history; U.S.–Mexico Borderlands
Professor DeLay's webpage

Rebecca Herman
Assistant Professor
Interests: Modern Latin America; Brazil, Argentina, Panama, and Cuba; U.S.-Latin American relations
Professor Herman's webpage

Elena Schneider
Associate Professor
Interests: The Atlantic World, 1400-1888; Colonial Latin America; Cuba and the Caribbean
Professor Schneider's webpage


Department of History of Art


Julia Bryan-Wilson
Doris and Clarence Malo Professor
Interests: Modern and contemporary art in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America
Professor Bryan-Wilson's webpage

Atreyee Gupta
Assistant Professor
Interests: Global Modernism; global aesthetic and intellectual flows across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America; visual and intellectual histories of twentieth-century art; visual and intellectual histories of twentieth-century art; the intersections among the Cold War, the Non-Aligned Movement, and art after 1945; new media and experimental cinema


Department of Integrative Biology


Roy Caldwell
Interests: Invertebrate behavioral biology and ecologyBiology and geomorphology of tropical flora
Professor Caldwell's webpage

Paul V.A. Fine
Assistant Professor
Interests: Amazonian rain forest tree diversityEvolutionary biology
Professor Fine's webpage

Eileen A. Lacey
Interests: Field biology, Social behavior, evolution, population ecology, and demography of subterranean rodents, primarily of the genus Ctenomys.
Regions: Sub-Amazonian South America: Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

David Wake
Interests: HerpetologyEvolutionary biology; Tropical forests of Central America
Professor Wake's webpage 


Graduate School of Journalism


Lowell Bergman
Emeritus Reva and David Logan Distinguished Chair in Investigative Reporting
Interests: Investigative journalism
Professor Bergman's webpage

Lydia Chávez
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Journalism; Cuba, Mexico, and the U.S.–Mexico border
Professor Chavez's webpage

Cynthia Gorney
Professor Emeritus
Interests: JournalismSouth America
Professor Gorney's webpage


Berkeley Law School


Roxanna Altholz
Clinical Professor of Law; Co-Director, International Human Rights Law Clinic
Interests: International human rights lawTransitional justice
Professor Altholz's webpage

Laurel E. Fletcher
Clinical Professor of Law; Co-Director, International Human Rights Law Clinic
Interests: Human rights law; Transitional justice
Professor Fletcher's webpage

Ian Haney Lopez
Professor; Director, Racial Politics Project
Interests: Law and race in AmericaCritical race theoryLegal history of the Los Angeles Chicano Power Movement
Professor Lopez's webpage


Department of Linguistics

Lev Michael
Associate Professor
Interests: Language structure and social activity; Social, political, and cultural interactions with the structural dimensions of language; South American Indigenous languages
Professor Michael's webpage


Department of Music


T Carlis Roberts
Associate Professor
Interests: Popular music, identity, politics and cultural politics 

Jocelyne Guilbault
Interests: Caribbean musicPopular musicEthnomusicologyDiaspora studies
Professor Guilbault's webpage


Department of Physics


Carlos Bustamante
Interests: Biophysics; Protein-DNA interactions; Methods of single-molecule manipulation
Professor Bustamante's webpage


Department of Political Science

Vinod Aggarwal
Interests: Comparative regionalism in Europe, North America, and Asia; International systems; Multinational corporations
Professor Aggarwal's webpage 

Ruth Berins Collier
Heller Professor of the Graduate School
Interests: Comparative politics; Latin America; Regime change and democratization; Mexican politics; Labor politics
Professor Collier's webpage

David Collier
Chancellor's Professor Emeritus 
Interests: Comparative politics; Latin America; Methodology; Conceptualization and measurement; Causal assessment and qualitative research; Regime change and democratization
Professor Collier's webpage
Professor Collier's ongoing research project, CRITICAL JUNCTURE

Thad Dunning
Robson Professor
Interests: Comparative politicsPolitical economy and methodologyLatin American politics
Professor Dunning's website

Aila Matanock
Associate Professor
Interests: International engagement during and after civil conflict; Post-conflict peace-building, state-building, and development; Governance by non-state actors; Social support for armed state, non-state, and international actors, especially in Latin America
Professor Matanock's webpage

Alison Post
Associate Professor
Interests: Comparative Political Economy; Regulation; Urban Politics and Policy; Environmental Policy
Professor Post's webpage 


Department of Psychology


Stephen Piantadosi
Assistant Professor
Interests: Cognition, development, Language acquisition, psycholinguistics, machine learning, learning and childrearing
Regions: Bolivian Amazon


School of Public Health


Stefano M. Bertozzi
Dean Emeritus, Professor, and Interim Director of UC systemwide programs with Mexico
Interests: Health policy and management; HIV and tuberculosis; Health policy in Mexico
Professor Bertozzi's webpage

William H. Dow
Interests: Health economics; Global health; Economic demography
Professor Dow's webpage

Lia C. Haskin Fernald
Interests: Immigrant health, inequalities and health disparities; Obesity, overweight, and nutritional and epidemiologic transition; Malnutrition, international child health and development
Professor Fernald's website

Sylvia Guendelman 
Interests: Reproductive health of immigrant womenAccess to health care for disadvantaged populationsHealth along the U.S.-Mexico border; Juvenile asthma
Professor Guendelman's webpage

Eva Harris
Professor; Director, Center for Global Public Health 
Interests: Molecular virology, pathogenesis, and epidemiology of dengue; Scientific capacity building in developing countries; PH292/3 Immune Evasion in Host-Pathogen Interactions
Professor Harris' webpage

Phuoc Le
Assistant Professor
Interests: Global Health, Health Disparities
Professor Le's webpage

Lee Riley
Interests: Epidemiology, infectious diseases, and vaccinology; tuberculosis and drug-resistant gram-negative bacterial infections; international health, focused slum health
Professor Riley's webpage


Goldman School of Public Policy


Daniel Kammen 
Interests: Climate ChangeInternational Research and DevelopmentRural Resource Management
Professor Kammen's webpage 


School of Social Welfare


Kurt Organista 
Interests: Chicanx/Latinx psychosocial problems; Acculturation and adjustment of ethnic minorities to American society; Minority mental health; Cognitive-behavioral therapy; Depression in Latinos; HIV prevention with Mexican migrant laborers/Latinos 
Professor Organista's webpage


Department of Sociology


Irene Bloemraad
Class of 1951 Professor; Thomas Garden Barnes Chair, Canadian Studies 
Interests: Immigration from Latin America
Professor Bloemraad's webpage

Laura Enríquez 
Interests: Development in Latin America; Rural sociology; Political sociology; Social movements
Professor Enríquez's webpage

Peter Evans 
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Development and globalization; Comparative political economy; Latin America
Professor Evans' webpage

Mara Loveman
Interests: Ethnoracial politics, nationalism, and the state; Inequality and political development in Latin America
Professor Loveman's webpage

G. Cristina Mora
Associate Professor
Interests: Culture, Race and Ethnicity; Organizations; Immigration; Religion
Professor Mora's webpage

Martín Sanchez-Jankowski 
Interests: Urban sociology; Political sociology; Poverty; Race and ethnicity; Youth culture; Survey research
Professor Sanchez-Jankowski's webpage


Department of Spanish and Portuguese


Milton Azevedo 
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Hispanic linguisticsApplied linguistics
Professor Azevado's webpage

Amelia Barili 
Senior Lecturer
Interests: Post-1700 Spanish literature
Amelia Barili's webpage

Emilie L. Bergmann
Interests: Spanish American prose and poetry
Professor Bergmann's webpage 

Natalia Brizuela
Associate Professor
Interests: 19th and 20th century Latin American literature; Southern-cone and Brazil; Cinema; Photography
Professor Brizuela's webpage 

Justin Davidson
Assistant Professor
Interests: Sociolinguistics; Contact linguistics and language contact; Language variation and change; Romance linguistics; Quantitative methods; Bilingualism; Catalan; Spanish; Foreign language pedagogy
Professor Davidson's webpage

Ivonne del Valle
Associate Professor
Interests: Colonial studies: Literature, history and culture; Baroque and enlightenment in colonial settings; Relationships between religion and technology, economy, and environment; Subaltern studies; Mexico
Professor del Valle's webpage

Daylet Dominguez
Associate Professor
Interests: Latin American and Caribbean cultures and literatures, 19th-21st centuries
Professor Dominguez's webpage

Clelia F. Donovan
Lecturer; Portuguese Instructor
Clelia F. Donovan's webpage 

Charles B. Faulhaber
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Medieval Spanish and Catalan literature; Paleography and codicology; Computer-assisted research techniques
Professor Faulhaber's webpage 

Francine Masiello 
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Spanish American literature; Prose and poetry in Argentina; Literary theory
Professor Masiello's webpage
(also affiliated with Department of Comparative Literature)

Tom McEnaney
Associate Professor
Interests: History of media and technology; Argentine, Cuban, and U.S. literature; Sound studies; Linguistic anthropology; Computational (digital) humanities; New media studies
Professor McEnaney's webpage
(also affiliated with Department of Comparative Literature)

Ignacio Navarrete
Interests: Spanish Golden Age literature, especially poetry, poetics, and historiography; Literary theory
Professor Navarrete's webpage 

Candace Slater 
Interests: Brazilian literature and culture; Latin American folk and popular traditions
Professor Slater's webpage 

Estelle Tarica
Interests: 20th century Latin American literature and culture; French Caribbean literature; Post-colonial theoriesMexico and the Andes
Professor Tarica's webpage

Nathaniel Wolfson
Assistant Professor
Interests: Avant-garde poetry and aesthetics; Brazilian literature; Media studies; History of science and technology 
Professor Wolfson's webpage


Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies

Angela Marino
Assistant Professor
Interests: Politics and performance in the Americas; Fiesta and carnival; Latinx and Latin American plays, history and perfomance
Professor Marino's webpage