Friday May 29 3 pm PT: CLAS Virtual Event - Panel discussion on "Migration, the U.S.–Mexico Border, and Covid-19" · More information · REGISTER HERE

Resources to continue research on Latin America highlighted during a talk with UC Berkeley librarian Liladhar R. Pendse. (video)

VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE: Historian Adam Hochschild in a CLAS Virtual Event, "Rebel Cinderella." Video here

CLAS Virtual Event Video

Liladhar R. Pendse
on researching Latin America during a pandemic

Adam Hochschild, "Rebel Cinderella"

Lucrecia Hernández Mack and Karen Musalo on Covid-19 and migration


On display now

A Mexican mask.
"The Mexican Masks," an exhibit in partnership with The Mexican Museum.

CLAS and Latin America

CLAS partners in Latin America.
CLAS is part of several partnerships between the University of California and educational institutions throughout the Americas.