Need a course for Spring 2021?  CLAS has a list of courses for those interested in Latin America for the semester.

VIDEOMaria Echaveste, Daniel Coronell, and Paul Pierson look at the U.S. election and the Americas.

New courses for Spring 2021: Second semester of both beginning and intermediate Nahuatl. More information

CLAS Virtual Event Video

Celia Stahr
on Frida Kahlo in America

AfroLatinx Voices Series on Writing Black Caribbean Women: A Conversation

Javier Couso on Chile's attempt to write a new constitution


Courses for Spring 2021

Actor Diego Luna in a lecture of The Southern Border course at Berkeley. (Photo by Jim Block.)
Courses with Latin American content for the coming semester.

CLAS and Latin America

CLAS partners in Latin America.
CLAS is part of several partnerships between the University of California and educational institutions throughout the Americas.