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The WJP Anthony Lewis Prize for Exceptional Rule of Law Journalism acknowledges journalists from around the world who have contributed to increased awareness and understanding of the foundational importance of the rule of law. 

The 2017 competition is now open, with applications due 28 May 2017.

More information and application materials. 

Apply for the Human Rights Center Fellowship 2017: The Human Rights Center would like to announce its 2017 Fellowship Program. The fellowship provides a $5,000 award for a UC Berkeley undergraduate, graduate, or graduating student to pursue human rights work with a partner organization over the summer. A special fellowship opportunity is available for students working on sexual violence in Brazil.

Bay Area Legal Aid: Interpreter

 Would you like to interpret for a good cause? Do what you are good at and help others at the same time? BayLegal is currently looking for individuals who speak another language and who are willing to volunteer their time to help with interpretation and translation for BayLegal staff. You would interpret for our cases (housing, domestic violence, immigration and more) in-person by phone. Interpreters are needed on an on-call basis. ALL languages are needed! Please email  or call (510) 250-5235 for more information.

Bolivian Express

Working with Bolivian Express involves living in the BX House alongside a group of volunteers from around the world. The experience involves learning about journalism and Bolivian culture in an immersive environment. The programme fee covers 40 hours of tuition per month (covering Spanish, journalism, and photography), as well as your accommodation, lunch, internet access, phone, airport pickup, pre-trip guidance and a press pass during your stay. As part of the learning experience you will intern within the organisation to produce a monthly magazine which is distributed for free across Bolivia. You will therefore be volunteering as part of a cultural project which aims to foster ties between Bolivia and the English-speaking world by producing news and content from an under-reported region. Applications are ongoing, however, there are only seven places per month, so the earlier you apply the better chance of getting a place in your preferred time period. 

National Language Service Corps

The NLSC is a Federal government organization consisting of on-call, multilingual volunteers who are willing to use their language skills and cultural knowledge to help communities and government agencies in times of need. NLSC Members must be U.S citizens, 18 years of age or older, fluent in English and at least one other language. Though Members are volunteers to the Corps, if their language skills are needed and they choose to give service, they are compensated by means of a small stipend. The NLSC is currently seeking the following Latin American languages: Belize Kriol English, Haitian Creole, Nahuatl, and Quechua. For questions, call 1-888-729-6572.

Peace Corps

The Peace Corps has international volunteer programs suited to students of every college and major at UC Berkeley, and values the unique experiences that students gain through coursework, school clubs and organizations, creative outlets, and volunteering around the community. The Peace Corps is a great opportunity for UC Berkeley graduates to travel the world, gain leadership skills and experience, and to stand out from other applicants when applying to graduate or medical schools

The Peace Corps application process starts with an online application which includes a resume, essay and reference contact information. Strong applicants will be interviewed by a Peace Corps staff member, and will undergo legal and medical clearances. We suggest beginning the process about 7-9 months before you would like to depart for Peace Corps service. The Openings page on the Peace Corps website provides detailed information on application deadlines and departure dates.

Be Wize Foundation: BWF Programs (TBA)

We promote and enhance the knowledge and development of skills of individuals, families, organizations and communities through educational activities and toolkits for:
  - Self recognition and self development
  - Family integration and community cohesion
  - Development and change management for healthy communities

Through our programs we enhance and contribute to the health of both individuals and communities through the promotion, care and prevention of physical and emotional health and wellbeing projects, by supporting initiatives and programs that integrate treatments, shelters, personal assitance, ocupational therapies, amoung others.
We contribute to the development of the communities in social or environmental risk being healthier and constantly developing, by promoting socio-envionmental or poductive projects, so that communities can: 
  - Understand and organize community life based on a Systemic thinking
  - Co design and co evolutionate towards sustainability and holistc wealth
  - Create and develop productive and cultural projects based on sustainable and healthy models.


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