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Undergraduate Studies | Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies is designed to provide a balanced curriculum in the history, culture, and society of Latin America for students wishing a broader perspective than is usually available through a departmental major. From the rich variety of offerings within and across departments, there is a wide range of possibilities to suit the interests of students. The program may be of particular interest to students who:

  • desire a balanced education that focuses on the Latin American cultural regions,
  • plan to enter business, government, or international agency service,
  • wish to teach social science or language,
  • are preparing for graduate and professional schools.

Spanish or Portuguese is required for the major. Students must gain an intermediate level of proficiency in one language. In addition, students pursue a multidisciplinary course of study that includes the history and literature of Latin America.

Undergraduate Studies | Global Studies

"The Global Studies major requires students to choose a concentration and a geographic region in which to become an expert. It connects this regional specialization to language training. Global Studies majors will choose one of three concentrations: (1) Global Development; (2) Global Peace and Conflict; or (3) Global Societies and Cultures. This will allow students to focus their studies on a specific aspect of the “global.” At the same time, those pursuing this major will choose one of five regions (Asia, Africa, Europe/Russia, The Americas or the Middle East) in which to specialize, both in terms of content and language. In doing so, students have an opportunity to become an expert in a specific region, especially as it relates to larger questions that arise from global interaction. In addition, the major requires training in critical thinking—that is how to study a particular problem in a consistent and rigorous way. Students will work with faculty and the IAS advisors to devise a program that best captures their interests and allows them to reach their intellectual and professional potentials." 

Global Studies

Graduate Studies

A number of Berkeley graduate degrees can be focused on Latin America. To see the full list of Berkeley graduate degrees, see here: