CineLatino: Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

Directed by José Padilha (Brazil, 2010)

Part of the Fall 2012 CineLatino Series 

November 28, 2012

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (Official Trailer)


After a prison riot gone wrong, supercop Captain Nascimiento finds himself fired and then promoted. In his powerful new position, Nascimento brings the gangs that rule Rio’s favelas to their knees but quickly discovers that he’s only made things easier for the dirty cops and corrupt politicians who are truly running the show. Now, Nascimento must confront his true enemies, who are much more dangerous and sitting just down the hall. 116 minutes. Portuguese with English subtitles.

“…bracing and tightly wound, in charge of its style, and fuelled by an indignation that makes the blood boil.” — The Telegraph