Courses with Latin American Content, Fall 2022

CLAS assembles a list of courses each semester that might be of interest to those studying Latin America. Here are courses taught Spring 2022.

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The following list does not include basic Spanish or Portuguese courses. If you have corrections or additional courses to add to the list, please contact

Fall 2022 Latin American Studies Courses
DepartmentCourse #NameInstructorDay/Time
Anthropology156A 001- 001Politics and AnthropologyJames HolstonTu,Th 2:00pm-3:29pm
AnthropologyC262A 001- Sem 001Theories of Traditionality and ModernityCharles L. BriggsW 3:00pm- 4:59pm
Art Practice119 001- Lec 001Global Perspectives in Contemporary ArtN/AF 1:00pm- 3:59pm
Chicano Studies190 001- Sem 001Advanced Seminar in Chicanx and Latinx StudiesPablo GonzalezTh 2:00pm- 4:59pm
Chicano Studies161 001- Lec 001Central American Peoples and CulturesEnrique LimaTu, Thu 3:30pm- 4:59pm
Chicano Studies50 001- Lec 001Introduction to Chicano HistoryPablo GonzalezM,W,F 11:00am-11:59am
Chicano Studies40 001- Lec 001Introduction to Chicano Literature in EnglishJuan G. BerumenM,W, F 1:00pm-1:59pm
Chicano Studies135B 001- Lec 001135B 001- Lec 001Latino Narrative Film Since 1990Raymond TellesW 4:00pm- 6:59pm
Chicano Studies175 001- Lec 001Latinx and the EnvironmentFederico CastilloM,W,F 2:00pm-2:59pm
Chicano Studies159 001- Lec 001Mexican ImmigrationPablo GonzalezTu 4:00pm-6:59pm
Chicano StudiesR1A 001- Lec 001Reading and CompositionJuan G. BerumenM,W,F 3:00pm-3:59pm
College WritingR4B 006- Sem 006Reading, Composition, and Research: Perspectives on Immigration 2022Jordan A RuyleM,W,F 2:00pm-2:59pm
Education188 001- Lec 001Latinas/os and Education: Critical Issues and PerspectivesSarah Patricia Baquedano LopezTu,Th 9:30am-10:59am
Education150 001- Lec 001Language Learning in the Chicanx/Latinx CommunitiesCati de los RiosM,W 10:00am- 10:59am
English100 001- Sem 001Atlantic Haunts, Black PossessionNadia D. EllisM,W 5:00pm - 6:29pm
Environmental Science, Policy, and Management6 001- Lec 001Environmental BiologyIgnacio H. ChapelaM,W 3:00pm- 3:59pm
Ethnic Studies190AC 001- Lec 001Inside and Beyond Walls: Migra, Masses and the Carceral StateVictoria Ellen RobinsonTh 2:00pm-4:59pm
Ethnic Studies11AC- Lec 001Introduction to Ethnic StudiesJuana Maria RodriguezTu,Th 3:30pm- 4:59pm
Ethnic Studies175 001- Lec 001Literature from Ethnic MovementsGregory P. ChoyTu, Th 3:30 pm-4:59pm
Ethnic Studies130 001- Lec 001The Making of Multicultural America: A Comparative Historical PerspectiveGregory P. ChoyTu,Th 11:00am- 12:29pm
Geography260 001- Sem 001Topics in BiogeographyJeffrey Q. ChambersTh 3:00pm- 5:59pm
Global Studies110L 001- Lec 001Latin America in Global ContextStephanie BallengerTh, Th 11:00am -12:29pm
History8A 00l- Lec 001Latin American History: Becoming Latin America, 1492-1824Margaret ChowningTu,Th 11:00am- 12:29pm
History160 001- Lec 001The International Economy of the 20th CenturyChristoph HermannM,W,F 12:00pm- 12:59pm
History Art171 001- Lec 001Visual Culture in Early Modern Spain and Colonial Latin AmericaTodd P. OlsonTu, Th 2:00pm-3:29pm
Interdisciplinary Social Science123L 001- Lec 001Perspectives for Sustainable Rural DevelopmentClara I NichollsW 4:00pm-6:59pm
Interdisciplinary Studies175 001- Lec 001Gender, Race, and National Identity in Global Popular CultureMeeta Rani Rani JHAM,W 1:00pm-2:59pm
Legal StudiesC134 001- Lec 001Membership and Migration: Empirical and Normative PerspectivesSarah Seong-Sim Song, Irene BloemraadTu, Th 2:00pm-3:29pm
LinguisticsC251A 001- Lec 001Indigenous Langauge Revitalizationn: Contexts, Methods, OutcomesAndrew J Garrett, Sahara Patricia Baquedano Lopez, Beth Piatote, Leanne HintonTh 2:00pm - 4:59pm
Music139 001- Lec 001Topics in Musics of the World: Music of BrazilCarla S. BrunetTu, Thu 11:00am -12:29pm
Portuguese113 001- Lec 001Brazilian Cultrue Through and Across the Arts and MediaCandace SlaterTu, Thu 2:00pm-3:29pm
Portuguese128 001- Lec 001Modern and Contemporary Brazilian LiteratureCandace SlaterTh, Th 11:00am-12:29pm
Public Health220E 001- Sem 001Global Health PolicyStefano BertoziiM 4:00pm- 6:59pm
Public Policy190 004- Lec 004US-Mexico Policy RelationsHector CardenasTu,Th 2:00pm-3:29pm
Sociology127 001- Lec 001Development and GlobalizationEdwin K. LinTu, Th 9:30am-10:59am
Spanish32 001- Lec 001Magical Realism and Beyond: Latin American Literature in EnglishThomas Patrick McEnaneyM,W,F 1:00pm-1:59pm
Spanish40E 001- Lec 001Nahuatl Advanced IJulia ByrdM,W 2:00 pm-3:20pm
Spanish40A 001- Lec 001Nahuatl Beginning IJulia ByrdM,W 2:00pm- 3:59pm
Spanish40C 001- Lec 001Nahuatl Intermediate IJulia ByrdTu, Th 12:00pm-1:59pm
Spanish280 001 - SEM 001Nation Building and its Discontents:19th Century LiteratureDaylet DominguezTh 3:00pm-6:00pm
Spanish135 001- Lec 001Studies in Hispanic Literature: Slave Cultures in the CaribbeanDaylet DominguezTu,Th 12:30pm-1:59pm
Spanish and Portuguese163 001- Lec 001Sociolinguistic and Psycholinguistic ApproachesJustin DavidsonTu,Th 3:30pm- 4:59pm
Spanish and Portuguese299 007- Ind 007Special Advanced StudyMilton M. AzevedoN/A
Spanish and Portuguese104A 001- Lec 001Survey of Spanish American LiteratureEstelle C. TaricaTu, Th 2:00pm-3:29pm
Spanish and Portuguese131 00l- Lec 001The Spanish American Short StoryTanya V. VarelaM,W,F 2:00pm-2:59pm