Covid-19 and Latin America

Map of Covid-19 cases per 1,000 inhabitants in Latin America as of May 15, 2020. 
Map of Covid-19 cases in Latin America as of May 15, 2020. (From image by Raphaël Dunant.)

With the world-changing implications of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, CLAS offers a collection of resources tracking and analyzing the spread of the disease and responses from Berkeley, Latin America, and the world. 

CLAS Community Responses

Please note: Articles presented on the CLAS Blog are the work and opinion of their authors, not that of the Center for Latin American Studies or UC Berkeley. They are also a product of a particular moment, and are therefore arranged by date.

CLAS Virtual Event (2020-05-15) · UC Berkeley Library's Liladhar R. Pendse on (video): "Latin American Studies: Online Research Resources During a Pandemic"

CLAS Virtual Event (2020-04-26) · Lucrecia Hernández Mack and Karen Musalo on (video): "Covid-19, the Northern Triangle, and U.S. Immigration Policy"

CLAS Virtual Event (2020-04-26) · Lucrecia Hernández Mack and Karen Musalo on (video): "Covid-19, the Northern Triangle, and U.S. Immigration Policy"

CLAS Virtual Event (2020-04-16) · Two experts talk about their research and work on and during the pandemic (video): "Covid-19 in Brazil"

CLAS Blog (2020-04-09) · CLAS Affiliated Scholar Carolina Botelho on politics and the pandemic: "Why Bolsonaro backtracked on firing Mandetta" (original in Portuguese)

Recent Stories

UN News (2020-05-28) · The UN's World Food Programme projects: "Latin America and Caribbean: Millions more could miss meals due to COVID-19 pandemic"

New York Times (2020-05-28) · Natalie Kitroeff and Paulina Villegas on compounding factors in healthcare: "‘It’s Not The Virus’: Mexico’s Broken Hospitals Become Killers, Too"

Forbes (2020-05-27) · Carlie Porterfield on the new coronavirus epicenter: "Brazil Counts Almost Twice As Many Daily Covid-19 Deaths As The U.S."

Reuters (2020-05-27) · Fabian Werner and Marina Lammertyn on a hopeful situation: "In Brazil's shadow, laid-back Uruguay curbs COVID-19"

The Guardian (2020-05-25) · Uncertainty about the López Obrador government's statistics continues: "Mexico City records thousands more deaths than usual, amid doubt over official Covid-19 toll"

CNN (2020-05-25) · Mariano Castillo on a fast-acting country that still faces a tough situation: "Peru seemed to do everything right. So how did it become a Covid-19 hotspot?"

The Guardian (2020-05-20) · As South America becomes the global hotspot for Covid-19: "Hospitals in Latin America buckling under coronavirus strain" (2020-05-19) · Hunger puts protestors back in the streets: "Coronavirus: Chile protesters clash with police over lockdown"

The Financial Times (2020-05-19) · A look at differences in the region's response: "Virus lays bare Latin America’s many woes"

Washington Post (2020-05-17) · Ismael López Ocampo and Mary Beth Sheridan: "‘Express burials’ raise fears that Nicaragua is hiding a coronavirus tragedy"

Data Visualizations

Urban Health Network for Latin America and the Caribbean · "COVID-19 in SALURBAL Countries"

Center for Systems Science and Engineering, Johns Hopkins University · Global map of Covid-19 Cases (Mobile version)

The Henry Wheeler Center for Emerging & Neglected Diseases (CEND), UC Berkeley · Map of Current Covid-19 cases

Financial Times · Worldwide tracking of coronavirus cases by country

Pan American Health Organization · Map of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Americas 

ARGENTINA – La Nación · Map of Argentina's Covid-19 cases (as of 2020-03-31): "El mapa del coronavirus en la Argentina, provincia por provincia"

BRAZIL – Laboratório de Estudos Espaciais do Centro de Pesquisas Computacionais, Rice University · "Casos de COVID-19 no Brasil"

CHILE –Radio Bío Bío · "Seguimiento de Coronavirus (COVID-19) en Chile"

COLOMBIA – El Tiempo · Covid-19 tracker (as of 2020-04-03): "Así avanza, caso a caso, el coronavirus en Colombia"

COSTA RICA –  Universidad Estatal a Distancia: "Situación Nacional COVID-19" (map updated daily)

ECUADOR – El Universo: "Mapa del Coronavirus COVID-19 en Ecuador"

GUATEMALA - Universidad Rafael Landivar: "Coronavirus COVID-19 en Guatemala"

MEXICO – School of Government and Public Transformation, TEC Monterey · Map of Covid-19 cases in Mexico

PERU – Telemática · Map of Covid-19 cases in Peru: "Coronavirus COVID-19 en Perú"

Regional Resources

Americas Society/Council of the Americas · Where is the Coronavirus in Latin America?

The Authoritative Source · Comprehensive Covid-19 Knowledge Base

Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales · Collection of articles from the CLACSO Pandemic Observatory (in Spanish)

Juventud Presidente · Mapa de contagios de COVID-19 / CORONAVIRUS en Centroamérica, en tiempo real (first accessed 2020-04-15)

The Tax Foundation · Summary of Covid-19 economic response plans by country

United Nations · Summary of UN support to Latin American Countries during Covid-19 pandemic

The Henry Wheeler Center for Emerging & Neglected Diseases (CEND), UC Berkeley · Daily situation reports on Covid-19 cases and responses

More Information from UC Berkeley 

UC Berkeley Events (2020-04-13) · Recording of live webinar with Berkeley public health experts: "Coronavirus: science and solutions"

Berkeley University Health Services · Information on Covid-19 from campus health services 

UC Berkeley News · UC Berkeley Covid-19 webpage with university policies and responses

A Covid-19 illustration of the structure of the virus. (Image from the Center for Disease Control.)
A Covid-19 illustration of the structure of the virus. (Image from the Center for Disease Control.)


Latin American News Dispatch (2020-05-15) · Maria Paula Rubiano on other worries in the middle of Covid-19: "Destruction of the Colombian Amazon Continues During Pandemic"

La Nación (2020-05-14) · Mauricio Giambartolomei on spread in Argentina's poorer neighborhoods: "Coronavirus en la Argentina. Casi el 30% de los casos en la ciudad se detectaron en villas y barrios vulnerables"

The Guardian (2020-05-14) · Worries about Latin American hotspots beginning to come true: "Record death tolls in Mexico and Brazil add to fears of Covid-19 surge in Latin America"

Reuters (2020-05-13) · Sarah Marsh on Cuba promoting a potential treatment: "With Castro-era biotech, Cuba seeks to compete in coronavirus treatment race"

Vox (2020-05-13) · Alex Ward on the problems with an accurate case count: "Mexico is severely — and maybe purposely — undercounting its coronavirus deaths"

CBS News (2020-05-13) · Kate Gibson on U.S. businesses beginning operations with or without permission: "Businesses large and small are defying lockdowns"

Vox (2020-05-12) · Nicole Narea on how U.S. policy may be exacerbating the pandemic in Latin America: "Trump is continuing deportations during the pandemic. It’s causing the coronavirus to spread."

The New York Times (2020-05-12) · A team at the Times looks at Latin America's peril: "Coronavirus Outbreak in Latin America Now Rivals Europe’s. But Its Options Are Worse." (2020-05-11) · In Panama, classes begin on public television stations: "Desde el lunes 11, Sertv dará clases por televisión para primaria y preescolar" (2020-05-11) · South America's third-largest airline hammered by the pandemic: "Avianca, one of Latin America's largest airlines, files for bankruptcy"

The New York Times (2020-05-11) · Lucas Guttentag and UC Berkeley's Stefano M. Bertozzi argue" "Trump Is Using the Pandemic to Flout Immigration Laws"

The Guardian (2020-05-10) · Brazil's "provacateur president" flouts public health advice again: "Bolsonaro attends floating barbecue as Brazil's Covid-19 toll tops 10,000"

The Economist (2020-05-09) · Two success stories from Asia: "Vietnam and the Indian state of Kerala curbed covid-19 on the cheap"

Associated Press (2020-05-08) · Carlos Rodriguez on efforts to stem holiday spread: "Markets closed to control Mexico’s exuberant Mother’s Day"

The New York Times (2020-05-08) · Azam Ahmed on problems of reporting: "Hidden Toll: Mexico Ignores Wave of Coronavirus Deaths in Capital"

Latin American News Dispatch (2020-05-07) · Vaclav Masek on a symbol of surrender and food insecurity: "White Flags as Guatemalans Grow Hungry"

Reuters (2020-05-06) · Oscar Lopez and Christine Murray on another consequence of Covid-19: "Mexican president denies rising violence against women during lockdown"

BBC (2020-05-06) · An underreported severe outbreak in South America: "Peru sees surge in virus cases" (2020-05-05) · Marly Rivera on baseball stars raising money to fight the pandemic in their homeland: "Pedro Martinez, other MLB players form coalition for coronavirus relief in Dominican Republic" (Foundation Covid-19 homepage)

medRxiv (2020-05-05) · Pedro de Lemos Menezes, David M. Garner, and Vitor E Valenti with a preprint research report: "Brazil is Projected to be the Next Global Covid-19 Pandemic Epicenter"

Miami Herald (2020-05-05) · Jacqueline Charles on a potential catastrophe in the Caribbean: "COVID could lead to social unrest and even famine in Haiti, global health experts warn"

The Conversation (2020-05-05) · UC Berkeley grad Rebecca Tarlau on farmers responding: "Activist farmers in Brazil feed the hungry and aid the sick as president downplays coronavirus crisis"

Associated Press (2020-05-05) · Sonia Pérez D. on the current struggle faced by deportees at home: "Virus fear turns deportees into pariahs at home in Guatemala"

Reuters (2020-05-04) · Aislinn Laing and Fabian Cambero report on cautious progress: "Chile tops 20,000 cases while death, hospitalisation rates plateau"

Associated Press (2020-05-03) ·  Lori Hinnant and Isabel Debre on global effects of coronavirus fight on migrants: "Desert or sea: Virus traps migrants in mid-route danger zone"

Guardian (2020-05-03) · Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado and others warn: "‘We are on the eve of a genocide’: Brazil urged to save Amazon tribes from Covid-19"

La Prensa Gráfica (2020-05-03) · El Salvador's president warns of healthcare crisis: "El Salvador se encamina al "colapso" del sistema sanitario, según Bukele"

Confidencial (2020-05-03) · Iván Olivares on the brutal economic impact in Nicaragua: "EIU: Nicaragua está ante su depresión económica más profunda desde los años 80"

Pro Publica (2020-05-02) · Adriana Gallardo and Ariel Goodman on the undocumented in New York being especially vulnerable: "Los New Yorkers: Essential and Underprotected in the Pandemic’s Epicenter"

Mexico News Daily (2020-05-02) · Mexico City's outbreak leads to public health intervention: "IMSS will open it doors to non-beneficiaries in Mexico City with Covid-19"

Columbia Institute of Latin American Studies (2020-05-01) · An assessment of the pandemic's impact on the region: "COVID-19: Political Impact in Latin America"

Al Jazeera (2020-05-01) · In Brazil's epicenter, Covid-19 strains burial services: "Coronavirus surge in Brazil brings coffin shortage, morgue chaos"

La Jornada (2020-05-01) · Luis Arellano Sarmiento on workers protesting maquiladoras reopening amidst pandemic: "En Día del Trabajo, exigen no reabrir maquiladoras durante pandemia"

Buzzfeed News (2020-04-30) · Adolfo Flores on the cruel choice facing migrants: "Guatemalan Immigrants Are Caught Between ICE Detention Or Deportation. Either Way, They Fear Getting COVID-19."

CBS News (2020-04-30) · Camilo Montoya-Galvez on conditions in detention: "'Never prepared': Report details poor conditions at ICE jails with coronavirus cases"

BBC (2020-04-28) · Will Grant on labor issues during a pandemic: "Coronavirus: Mexico factory staff question 'essential work'"

Detroit Free Press (2020-04-28) · Looking more closely at an outbreak: "1 automaker has had more COVID-19 deaths than the others. Experts say why"

National Geographic (2020-04-27) · Jill Langlois reports on inequality's impact: "Brazil's vulnerable domestic workers can't afford to get sick"

Tico Times (2020-04-27) · Alejandro Zúñiga reports on one country's plan to exit quarantine: "Costa Rica begins easing some coronavirus measures" · New Costa Rican government guidelines (in Spanish)

Reuters (2020-04-26) · In Santiago, government moves ahead with opening plans: "Chile to push ahead with coronavirus 'release certificates' despite WHO warning"

The Guardian (2020-04-25) · Caio Barretto Briso and Tom Phillipson on Covid-19, brought to Brazil by the rich, but doing its damage among the marginalized: "Rio's favelas count the cost as deadly spread of Covid-19 hits city's poor"

The Guardian (2020-04-25) · The most compelling photos, with the pandemic front and center: "20 photographs of the week"

The New York Times (2020-04-25) · Kirk Semple on the pandemic's impact on remittances, vital to Mexico's economy: "Economic Freeze Cuts Remittances, a Lifeline for Migrants’ Families"

The Guardian (2020-04-24) · López Obrador responds to crisis with austerity measures: "'He's Mr Scrooge': Mexican president unveils severe cuts amid coronavirus"

El Universo (2020-04-23) · In Ecuador, a new wave of testing results doubles the coronavirus case count (in Spanish): "Los resultados de contagiados de coronavirus se duplicaron en Ecuador, ya son 22 160"

Reuters (2020-04-23) · Nelson Acosta and Sarah Marsh on an old policy being deployed to combat hoarding: "Cuba's ration book stages comeback due to coronavirus pandemic"

Miami Herald (2020-04-22) · Monique Madan on conditions in immigrant detention facilities: "ICE has tested a tiny fraction of its detainees for COVID-19. Most of them were positive"

Associated Press (2020-04-22) · Mark Stevenson on Mexico-U.S. border trade; "US pressures Mexico to reopen plants amid worker walkouts"

The Guardian (2020-04-22) · Dan Collyns reports on mayor of Guayaquil, Latin America's hardest hit city: "'Like the horror of war': mayor of virus-ravaged Ecuador city calls for drastic response"

Telesur (2020-04-22) · People beginning to protest lack of government response: "Colombia: Protests Breakout Due to Lack of Food Aid"

El País (2020-04-22) · Some governors in Brazil bow to pressure to relax quarantines (in Spanish): "Gobernadores de Brasil empiezan a relajar las cuarentenas"

CNN Español (2020-04-21) · A mayor in the Dominican Republic has firetrucks threaten to spray quarantine violators (in Spanish): "Mojarán a residentes de Santiago, República Dominicana, que no acaten distanciamiento físico"

The Guardian (2020-04-21) · A team of Guardian reporters looks at the impact of the pandemic on the region's poor: "Lockdowns leave poor Latin Americans with impossible choice: stay home or feed families"

Financial Times (2020-04-20) · Andres Schipani and Jude Webber on undercounting cases in two countries: "Latin American gravediggers fear virus death toll higher than admitted"

Detroit Free Press (2020-04-20) · Tammy Joyner on the impact on one American city: "COVID-19 and Detroit: How racial inequity turned deadly in a city amid a comeback"

Los Angeles Times (2020-04-18) · Kate Linthicum, Wendy Fry, and Gabriela Minjares: "U.S. factories in Mexico are still open. As the coronavirus spreads, workers are dying"

The Guardian (2020-04-18) · Structural disparities make Covid-19 more damaging: " 'The virus doesn't discriminate but governments do': Latinos disproportionately hit by coronavirus"

Council on Hemispheric Affairs (2020-04-17) · Marcia Cury goes into more depth on Brazil: "Bolsonaro, COVID-19, and the Crisis of Brazilian Democracy"

BBC News (2020-04-17) · Latin America's hardest hit country takes stock: "Coronavirus: Ecuador sees massive surge in deaths in April"

Foreign Policy (2020-04-17) · In Central America, Kai Thaler on a confused response from one government: "Nicaragua Is Stumbling Into Coronavirus Disaster"The Nation (2020-04-16) · Jacob Sugarman praises the efforts of one South American country: "Argentina Is Showing the World What a Humane Covid-19 Response Looks Like"

Haitian Times (2020-04-16) · Government decides that they may have successfully resisted: "Haiti Declares Early Victory Over Coronavirus, Plans To Reopen Factories"

The Guardian (2020-04-16) · Disputes over response as Brazilian Covid outbreak grows: "Bolsonaro fires popular health minister after dispute over coronavirus response"

Associated Press (2020-04-15) · David Biller on economic impact on Latin America of Covid-19: "IMF sees Latin America suffering worst contraction on record" Also · original IMF Report: "World Economic Outlook, April 2020"

Los Angeles Times (2020-04-15) · George Soros and Erin Beinhocker argue that U.S. should: "Guarantee paychecks for all displaced workers"

Los Angeles Times (2020-04-15) · U.S. sending coronavirus-positive patients back: "U.S. deportees infected, Guatemala says"

Financial Times (2020-04-15) · Michael Stott and Jude Webber on regional political implications: "Latin America's left spot comeback opportunity in coronavirus fallout"

Financial Times (2020-04-14) · Editorial on the Mexican response: "Mexico’s unfolding presidential tragedy"

El Faro (2020-04-14) · Ricardo Marroquín examines difficulties with education under the pandemic: "Distance Learning without Internet in Guatemala"

El Vanguardia (2020-04-13) · A troubling policy: Chile's government counting Covid-19 dead as "recovered" beacuse they are no longer contagious (in Spanish) 

Miami Herald (2020-04-13) · Jim Wyss on effect of coronavirus on politics: "Dominican Republic delays presidential vote amid coronavirus pandemic"

Reuters (2020-04-13) · Jake Spring looks at the tracking of one country's outbreak: "Brazil likely has 12 times more coronavirus cases than official count - study"Associated Press (2020-04-10) · AP reports on the situation in one of Latin America's hardest hit countries: "Ecuador buckles under virus, broken oil lines and old debt"

Latin American News Dispatch (2020-04-10) · Genevieve Glatsky on difficulties faced by displaced people: "Coronavirus Lockdown is the Latest Challenge for Venezuelan Migrants"

USA Today (2020-04-08) · Alan Gomez, Maria Clark, and Rebecca Plevin on vulnerable populations: "'Terrified of dying': Immigrants beg to be released from immigration detention as coronavirus spreads"

The New York Times (2020-04-08) · Lee Riley, Robert Snyder, and Eva Raphael on poverty and Covid-19: "A Billion People Live in Slums. Can They Survive the Virus?"

The Los Angeles Times (2020-04-07) · LA Times reporters on strange effects of the pandemic: "In El Salvador, gangs are enforcing the coronavirus lockdown with baseball bats"

Bloomberg News (2020-04-07) · Impact of Covid-19 on already reeling economies: "Fragile Latin America Faces Another Lost Decade, and Maybe Worse"

Associated Press (2020-04-07) · Sonia Pérez D. on how U.S. deportations may be spreading Covid-19 in the Americas: "3rd Guatemalan tests positive for virus after US deportation"

Project Syndicate (2020-04-06) · Dani Rodrik on the lasting effects of the pandemic: "Will COVID-19 Remake the World?"

Associated Press (2020-04-06) · Franklin Briceno on the impact of Covid-19 policies on the poor: "Desperate hunt for food by Peru's poor amid virus quarantine"

Bloomberg News (2020-04-06) · Shannon O'Neal of the Council on Foreign Relations: "Coronavirus Is Killing Lopez Obrador’s Big Plans for Mexico

The New York Times (2020-04-06) · Frances Robles reports on the mysterious absence of Nicaragua's president: "Where Is Daniel Ortega? Nicaragua’s Leader Drops From View"

Jamaica Observer (2020-04-06) · European Union supports coronavirus response in the Americas: "EU provides €8-m grant to combat coronavirus in the C'bean"

Washington Post (2020-04-04) · Reporters from the Washington Post dig into the response: "The U.S. was beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged"

Wall Street Journal (2020-04-03) · UCSF's Susan Desmond-Hellman on prepping for the next one: "Preparing for the Next Pandemic"

Reuters (2020-04-03) · In Honduras, mayors identifying land for potential use as mass graves: "Temiendo muertes masivas por coronavirus, Honduras busca terrenos para fosas comunes"

Latin America News Dispatch (2020-04-03) · Wilfredo Miranda Aburto on Nicaragua's slow response: "Nicaraguans Await the Pandemic That Their Government Ignores"

BBC News Mundo (2020-04-02) · Alejandro Millán Valencia on Ecuador’s high rate of cases per capita: “Coronavirus: ¿por qué Ecuador tiene el mayor número de contagios y muertos per cápita de covid-19 en Sudamérica?

The Berkeley Blog (2020-04-01) · Seth Holmes on critical resources being used in support of deportation: "ICE agents are still performing raids – and using precious N95 masks to do so"

The Guardian (2020-04-01) · Fears of an outbreak in Brazil's Indigenous communities: "Brazil confirms first indigenous case of coronavirus in Amazon"

CLAS Blog - Laura Belik (2020-04-01) · Inequality, informality, and health in Brazil: "When “staying home” might not be an option for everyone: Reflections on the effects of Covid-19 in Brazil"

Associated Press (2020-04-01) · Marcos Aleman on one small positive result of Covid-19: "El Salvador homicides drop; experts point to virus lock-down"

UC Berkeley Events (2020-03-25) · Recording of live webinar with Berkeley public health experts: "Coronavirus: Facts and Fears"

Brookings (2020-03-30) · Vanda Felbab-Brown on the Mexican President’s handling of the public health crisis "AMLO’s feeble response to COVID-19 in Mexico"

BBC News Mundo (2020-03-30) · Latin American countries’ responses to Covid-19: “Coronavirus | Cómo hace frente al covid-19 cada país de América Latina

The Guardian (2020-03-30) · “’Coronavirus could wipe us out’: Indigenous South Americans blockade villages

New York Times (2020-03-29) · Gabriel Zucman and Emmanuel Saez on differing economic impacts of Covid-19: "Jobs Aren’t Being Destroyed This Fast Elsewhere. Why Is That?"

Miami Herald (2020-03-27) · Jacqueline Charles on the economic impacts of Covid-19 in the Americas: “COVID-19 is hitting Caribbean and Latin American economies hard. Can they survive?

The Guardian (2020-03-25) · Caio Barretto Briso and Tom Phillips on the Brazilian government’s slow reaction to the crisis: "Brazil gangs impose strict curfews to slow coronavirus spread"

CLAS Blog - Denise Dresser (2020-03-23) · López Obrador's response to Covid-19 in Mexico: "The Anti-Hero"

Reuters (2020-03-23) · Data on Latin American’s vulnerability to the pandemic: “How vulnerable is Latin America to coronavirus?

The Guardian (2020-03-23) · A fatal consequence of combating Covid-19: "Colombian death squads exploiting coronavirus lockdown to kill activists"