Cuba and California: Prospects for Change and Opportunity


September 28, 2012

Event Description

On January 14, 2011, President Obama eased some restrictions between the United States and Cuba that offer a slight thawing in this historically uneasy relationship. At the same time, the Cuban government has initiated a new program of modest economic reforms that have the potential to expand business and cultural exchanges between these two nations. It is the purpose of this conference to offer fresh insight and analysis into this evolving bi-national relationship, and to ask, what might these developments mean for California and the U.S.?

The purpose of this gathering is to bring together leading experts from the United States, Canada, and Cuba to explore the evolving relationship and emerging opportunities between these countries. The conference will examine the economic, social and political developments taking place in Cuba and the role Californians, especially, might play in advancing U.S.-Cuba business and cultural exchanges and initiatives.


Cosponsored by Berkeley Institute for Governmental Studies. 

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