2021-22 Event Series

A 2015 women’s march crowds the streets in Brazil, with calls for greater respect for Black Brazilian citizens and culture. (Photo by Janine Moraes, Courtesy of Secretaria Especial da Cultura do Ministério da Cidadania, Brazil.)

The 2021-2022 Academic Year has a full and diverse program of events. 

These events are online, via Zoom, unless otherwise mentioned. 

Indigenous Solutions: art/media/thought

This series of presentations will explore the ways in which Indigenous worldviews and experiences (Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile) offer not only a critique of Western uses of art, technology, science, and language but also paradigms for a decolonized praxis of life that sustains forms of ethical and ecological relationality. Our aim is to show the centrality of reclaiming language and art practices in the contemporary struggles against dispossession, settler colonialism, monolingualism, and binary thinking.

Fall 2021

Oct 4 | Maria Thereza Alves

Colonial Practices and Cultural Repression by the Municipality against the Community Museum of the Valle de Xico but “It is our 25th anniversary and we are still here.”

Maria Thereza Alves is an artist and activist whose work investigates the histories and circumstances of particular localities to give witness to silenced histories. This event is co-organized with Berkeley Center for New Media.

Oct 11 | Sebastián Calfuqueo

Non-Binary Waters / Aguas no binarias: Approaching the work of Sebastián Calfuqueo

Sebastián Calfuqueo is a Chilean and Mapuche artist. This event is co-organized with Arts + Design Mondays

Spring 2022

Feb 7 | Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil

Tequiologies: Indigenous Solutions Against Climate Catastrophe

Yásnaya Elena Aguilar Gil is an Ayuujk linuist, writer, translator, and human-rights activist. This event is co-organized with Berkeley Center for New Media.

May 2 | Elvira Espejo Ayca

Elvira Espejo Ayca is a Bolivia artist and was the director of the National Museum of Ethnology and Folklore. 

New Vocabularies, New Grammars: Imagining Other Worlds

This academic year programming will focus on critics and intellectuals who, in their forms of writing and thinking, undo the divisions and separations between disciplines and genres, and between political action and intellectual engagement. In this practice of border/crossing, new languages and grammars can be imagined to signify other worlds to resist and oppose the imposed violence of colonial epistemes. These scholars, critics, and political actors offer a dynamism of the indeterminacy, inviting practices that bring together words and worlds.

Fall 2021

Dec 1 | Cristina Rivera Garza

Dr. Cristina Rivera Garza is an award-winning author of six novels, three collections of short stories, five collections of poetry and three non-fiction books. 

Spring 2022

February 21 | Denise Ferreira da Silva

Dr. Denise Ferreira da Silva is an academic and practicing artist whose work addresses the ethico-political challenges of the global present. 

March 10 | Malcom Ferdinand

Dr. Malcom Ferdinand is a researcher at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society who works at the crossroad of political philosophy, postcolonal theory and political ecology. 

Novedades/Lançamentos: New Scholarship @ Berkeley

This series will highlight new work from UC Berkeley scholars on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Fall 2021

Sept 22 | Daylet Domínguez

Ficciones etnográficas: Literatura, ciencias sociales y proyectos nacionales en el Caribe hispano del siglo XIX (Nexos y Diferencias. Estudios de la Cultura de América Latina nº 60) (Iberoamericana Editorial Vervuert, 2021)

Dr. Daylet Domínguez is an Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at UC Berkeley.

Spring 2022

January 27 | Charles Briggs

Unlearning: Rethinking Poetics, Pandemics, and the Politics of Knowledge (Utah State University Press, 2021)

Dr. Charles Briggs is a professor of Anthropology at UC Berkeley. 

April 7 | Estelle Tarica

Holocaust Consciousness and Cold War Violence (SUNY Press, March 2022)

Dr. Estelle Tarica is a professor of Spanish & Portuguese at UC Berkeley. 


The CineLatino Film Series provides access to Latin American films, challenging stereotypes and providing new perspectives on the region. This series is made possible with the support of Pragda, SPAIN arts&culture, and the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain.

Fall 2021

Sept 10-17  | Ema

Sept 17-24 | Los lobos

Sept 24 - Oct 1 | Xquipi' Guie'Dani

Oct 1-8 | Yo, niña

Oct 8-15 | Un traductor

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Spring 2022

More information coming soon!