Research Working Groups

Working Groups bring together faculty and graduate students from various fields and departments with shared research interests.


CLAS sponsors several working groups comprised of UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students who gather regularly to discuss and share research on topics of mutual interest. CLAS provides funds and other support for group meetings, events, and other activities. Groups can be formed based on any given country, region, topic, or discipline related to Latin America, and have covered a wide range of subject matter. See past groups from 2021-22 and 2020-21

Working Group Funding

Groups are awarded $500-$1500 for the academic year. Funds provide support for discussion groups, small conferences, guest lectures, library resources, conference travel, and other activities. Please note that due to our funder’s guidelines, funds cannot be used for food or drink, or international travel. 

CLAS can offer the following support to working groups:

  • Support for in-person and virtual meetings and conferences (consulting on publicity, virtual event security, event management) 
  • Use of CLAS Zoom Webinar account (up to 500 participants) 
  • Ue of CLAS Conference Room 
  • Publicity and outreach to our community at Berkeley and throughout the Americas
  • Office and meeting space in the CLAS building

New and returning groups may apply for funding. All groups must have a Faculty Advisor. 

Application Process

To apply for working group funding, please complete this application.

Applications are due October 31, 2022.

If you have questions, please contact Julia Byrd,