Hagan un Trencito: Siguiendo los Pasos de la Memoria Cumbianchera en Chile

Antonia Mardones-Marshall

Author's Book Talk 

February 14, 2017

Event Description

Cumbia – a Colombian musical genre – arrived in Chile in the middle of the twentieth century. Today, after being adopted and transformed in Chile, certain cumbia songs have become an essential part of Chilean celebrations. The author will highlight how this genre of music challenges the idea of what is "Chilean" by presenting some of the ethnic and national tensions that have arisen from its popularization.  


Antonia Mardones-Marshall is a Sociology PhD student at UC Berkeley and the author of Hagan un Trencito (with Lorena Ardito Aldana, Eileen Karmy Bolton, and Alejandra Vargas Sepúlveda). Her research interests include international migration, race and ethnicity, national identities, and popular art and culture.