Indigenous Languages of Latin America (ILLA) Travel Fund

Chincheros in Peru. (Photo by Shawn Harquail.)
Chincheros, Peru. (Photo by Shawn Harquail.)

The ILLA Travel Fund provides up to $1,000 for graduate students, faculty, and staff to attend a conference or travel for field research on Indigenous languages of Latin America through Summer 2019.

The fund has supported, among others, the following recipients:


Open to graduate students, faculty, and staff in all academic fields who demonstrate academic distinction and a dedication to an Indigenous language of Latin America.
Award recipients will coordinate with the Center for Latin American Studies to provide a brief written report describing the use of funds toward their research after returning from the conference.
Please note that as this competition is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education (ED), international travel is pending ED approval. Travel must adhere to the Fly America Act and Federal Per Diem Rates.