In Memoriam: John Casida (1929–2018)

Professor John Casida, pictured in 1993. (Photo by Jane Scherr.)
Professor John Casida, pictured in 1993. (Photo by June Scherr.)

Professor John Casida, one of the world’s leading authorities on how pesticides work and how they might harm humans, died on June 30 in Berkeley, California. Beyond his research and its impact on environmental science and toxicology, the professor had a lifelong passion for pre-Columbian art, assembling an extensive collection. 

A few years ago, Professor Casida and his wife Kati contacted CLAS, asking for help in finding a future permanent home for the art. We connected them with our partner, The Mexican Museum of San Francisco, and the Casidas generously donated their entire collection to the Museum. Dr. Eduardo Perez de Heredia Puente, assessing their gift, described it as “an extraordinary assemblage of Native American works of art…preserved in prime condition..”

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Pre-Colombian art. (Photo by stvcr.)
Pre-Colombian art. (Photo by stvcr.)