2022-23 Working Groups

Nicaragua Landscape

Working Groups bring together faculty and graduate students from various fields and departments with shared research interests. In the 2022-23 academic year, CLAS provided funding and support to the following groups:

Language Revitalization Working Group

The Language Revitalization Working Group critically examines theories, methodologies, and applications of language revitalization in a variety of world contexts. It provides a centralized venue for interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners of language revitalization to share, present, discuss, and improve their language revitalization efforts.

For more information, or to be added to the group's mailing list or bCourses site, reach out to the group leaders below.   

Group Leaders: 

Tzintia Montano Ramirez: cynthia.montano@berkeley.edu

Måsi Santos: masi@berkeley.edu

Latinx in Public Policy Working Group

Latinx in Public Policy (LiPP) is a community of Goldman School of Public Policy students gathered to foster creative dialogue regarding policy issues impacting Latinx students and communities, including DEI, labor, immigration, poverty and social inequality, international relations, environmental justice, education, and health. More information can be found here and here

Group Steering Committee: 

Abraham Bedoy: abrahambedoy@berkeley.edu

Beda Castillo: abrahambedoy@berkeley.edu

Belinda Magallon: bmagallon@berkeley.edu

Julia Rosales: juliarosales@berkeley.edu

Diego Villegas Aguilar: diego_villegas_a@berkeley.edu

FIRE Working Group

Information coming soon

Past Working Groups at CLAS

In the past, CLAS has supported working groups on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the Afro-Latino diaspora to Globalization in Literacy and Language Development to Social Movements and Neoliberalism in Latin America.