Post-Doctoral Fellow: Elizabeth Havice

Elizabeth Havice

Afiliated Researcher, 2010-11
Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2009-10

Elizabeth Havice works on the political economy of resource production, trade and consumption. She is particularly interested in how regulation (both economic and environmental) shifts production systems and how these shifts impact resource sustainability and resource-based economic development. Her empirical research is on the global tuna industry, and she conducted her most recent field work in Ecuador and Papua New Guinea. While at CLAS, Havice is writing a book on the political economy of resource regulation and access in the tuna industry and co-editing and contributing to a special edition of The Journal of Agrarian Change that will focus on the political economy and ecology of capture fisheries. Havice received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Environmental Science, Policy and Management in 2009.