Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies, Spring - Fall 2020

Empty highways with one yellow car
Harley Shaiken with Isabel Allende at UC Berkeley, February 2020. (Photo by Peg Skorpinski.)

COMMENT: Spring - Fall 2020

By Harley Shaiken | The CLAS Chair Emeritus comments on the Fall 2020 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies.

Michelle Bachelet speaks at UC Berkeley, May 2010. (Photo by Jim Block.)

THE SPIRIT OF CLAS: “Twenty Years Now, Where’d They Go?” CLAS, Berkeley, and the Americas

By Harley Shaiken | Reflections on two decades of community growth and impact during his tenure as Chair of CLAS.

A woman’s sign demands a “New Constitution Now!!!” as Chilean and Mapuche flags fly at a demonstration in Chile, November 2019.  (Photo by Jorge Silva/Reuters.)

CHILE: The Demise of Pinochet's Constitution

By Javier Couso | Looking at the prospects and process for a new Constitution for Chile.

A protest in Santiago, Chile, October 2019. (Photo by Carlos Figueroa.)

CHILE: A Social Explosion

By James Gerardo Lamb |On the upheaval in Chile and its political underpinnings, focused on Gabriel Boric, who visited CLAS in February 2020.

Subcomandante Marcos, Zapatista leader and spokesman, with Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 1996. (Photo from Twitter: @lopezobrador_.)

MEXICO: The Zapatistas vs. AMLO

By María Inclán | On the stormy relationship between the Zapatistas and Mexico's president.

Generic drugs on display in a pharmacy in Brazil. (Photo by Wilfredor.)

HEALTH: Regulating and Promoting Generic Drugs in Latin America

By Elize M. Fonseca and Ken Shadlen | On Latin America's important and growing generic drug market.

Mónica González Mujica. (Photo courtesy of Mónica González Mujica.)

CHILE: Mónica González Mujica: Between Sorrow and Hope

By Elizabeth Farnsworth, with María José Calderón | On the career of a legendary Chilean journalist.

Women protesting disappearances and sexual violence by the military in Peru, 1988. (Photo by Silvia Beatriz Suárez Moncada.)

PERU: The Shining Path and the Emergence of the Human Rights Community in Peru

By Charles Walker | On the intersection of violent conflict and the pursuit of human rights in Peru.

The cover for the Spanish-language edition of Isabel Allende’s A Long Petal of the Sea.  (Image courtesy of Penguin Random House, LLC.)

LITERATURE: A Long Petal of the Sea

A Conversation Between Isabel Allende and Adam Hochschild | The two authors discuss Allende's novel, the Spanish Civil War, and the voyage of the SS Winnipeg

The Statue of Liberty at dawn, November 2020. (Photo by Aaron M. Sprecher/AP Photos.)

POETRY: Inspiring Words

Two U.S. poets across 150 years speak to a vision for the soul of their country.