Title Author Yearsort ascending Publication type
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BRAZIL: Democracy at Stake Carlos Milani 2017 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article
ART: MONTARlaBestia (Riding the Beast) 2017 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article
LAW: Secrets, Lies, and the Case of Victor Jara Almudena Bernabeu 2017 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article
HUMAN RIGHTS: Helen Mack and a New Generation Calixtho Lopes; Kevin Figueroa; Arlette Jacome; Beatriz Manz 2017 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article
MEXICO: Mexit: The Return of Distant Neighbors Lorenzo Meyer 2017 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article
Across the Aisle: Berkeley and Michigan Students Discuss the Election Sofia Gonzalez-Platas 2016 Blog Entry
Colombia: Falling to Peaces Lauren Withey 2016 Blog Entry
“Yes” Is the Answer Claudia Steiner 2016 Blog Entry
The Dark Side of Summer Carnivals Levi Bridges 2016 Blog Entry
The Mexican Countryside, Past and Present Mario Castillo 2016 Student Research
Social Ecologies of Brazil's Atlantic Forest Chris Lesser 2016 Student Research
Examining Experiential Science Education in Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial Program Becca Shareff 2016 Student Research
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History, Education, and Conflict Resolution in Chile Cristobal Madero 2016 Student Research
Comparative Fast Forward and Vertical Flight Trajectories in Colombian Hummingbirds Ashley Smiley 2016 Student Research
Delayed Materiality, Delayed Democracy: The legal, cultural and media construction of the Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno Marianela D'aprile 2016 Student Research
International Climate Change Policy and its Socio-Environmental Impacts in the Local Scale: The Case of Wind Energy Development in Mexico Nain Martinez 2016 Student Research
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Impact of a Science and Technology After-School Workshop on Children’s Scientific and Engineering Identities - Cuenca, Ecuador Elena Duran 2016 Student Research
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Silences and Surveillance in an Authoritarian Archive: Researching disciplinary practices for homosexuality in the Brazilian Navy John Mundell 2016 Student Research
Mother's Role Construction and Self Efficacy in Family School Relationships Elisa Ugarte 2016 Student Research
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Urinary Tract Infections in a slum community in Brazil Emily Pearman 2016 Student Research
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La Vida es un Carnaval- Understanding the experiences of Mexican Laborers Employed in the US Traveling Carnival Industry Levi Bridges 2016 Student Research
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