CLAS: Back to the Future

The Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies is a central venue for scholars, policy-makers, and entrepreneurs to address critical issues affecting Latin America and the world. Key articles below on climate equity, renewable energy, and social justice illustrate the impact of the Center's contribution. They resonate today more than ever. One might say we are going back to the future.

The article below highlights Stan Ovshinsky's lecture "Alternative Energy and the Americas" from Spring 2008.

The opening pages of "A Revolution Fueled by the Sun," Spring 2008.

Issue Authors Title
Spring-Fall 2018 Lillian Hoddeson, Peter Garrett The Legacy of Stanford Ovshinsky
· Event webpage
Spring-Fall 2018 Harley Shaiken Powering Latin America
Spring-Fall 2018 Emma Steigerwald Frogs in the Frost
Spring-Fall 2018 Katherine Siegel  Making Landfall: Hurricanes and Agriculture
Fall 2017 Stephanie Leutert Fleeing the Storms
Fall 2017  James Lamb  Climate Change: Existential Threats in a Time of Denial
Fall 2017  James Lamb  Collaborating for Our Common Future
Spring 2017 Celso Amorim Negotiating Nuclear Safety
· Event webpage · Event video
Spring 2017 Maria del Carmen Thomsen;
Pedro Reszka;
Andres Fuentes;
Carlos Fernandez-Pello
Chile & California: The Impact of Wildland Fires
Fall 2014 Noelia González Is Our Carbon Sink Sunk?
· Event webpage · Event video
Fall 2014 Adina Merenlender The Wine Is the Land
Spring 2014 Daniel M. Kammen Switching to Sustainability
· Event webpage · Event video
Spring 2011 Brian Palmer-Rubin Global Crisis, Bilateral Response
Spring 2011 Christian E. Casillas Reversing the Tides of Apathy
Spring 2011 Robert Collier Save the Trees to Save the Forest
· Event webpage
Fall 2010 Robert Collier Green Ideas From Europe
· Event webpage · Event video
Fall 2010 Sandy Brown Sustainable Architecture
· Event webpage · Event video
Fall 2010 Christian E. Casillas Latin America’s Cleantech Future
Fall 2009 Christopher M. Jones Headwinds for Climate Change Policy
Spring 2009 Harley Shaiken Growing Clean
Spring 2009 Robert Reich Structural Problems or Cyclical Downturn?
Spring 2009 Ricardo Lagos Latin America Should Bet on Energy
Spring 2009 Harley Shaiken Greener Americas
Fall 2008 Harley Shaiken Jumpstarting the Americas
Fall 2008 Taylor Boas Bachelet Energizes Berkeley
Fall 2008 Roberto Dobles The Carbon Neutrality Challenge
Spring 2008 Catha Worthman Bridges or Barriers
Spring 2008 Daniel Kammen Energy Shock
Spring 2008 Martha Delgado Alternative Energy
Spring 2008 Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Reforming Pemex
Spring 2008 Avery Cohn A Revolution Fueled by the Sun
· Event webpage · Event video
· Related video: "Road to the Sun"
Spring 2008 Arthur Bienenstock Bienenstock on Ovshinsky
Spring 2008 Harley Shaiken The Einstein of Alternative Energy?
Spring 2007 Myrna Santiago  Black Rain: Veracruz 1900–1938
· Event webpage