Research Associate: Héctor Perla Jr.

Héctor Perla Jr.

Research Associate, 2007-08

Héctor Perla Jr. is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Latin American Studies at Ohio University. He is currently on leave as a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow. During 2007–08 Dr. Perla will be a visiting scholar at CLAS, where he will be finishing his book manuscript entitled Revolutionary Deterrence: U.S. Coercion & Transnational Resistance by Sandinista Nicaragua. The book documents the strategies and tactics used by the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN) to resist the Reagan Administration’s efforts to oust them from power. It traces the domestic, international and transnational strategies that Nicaraguans both at home and in the diaspora used to sway U.S. public opinion to oppose Reagan’s policy and deter him from escalating the conflict. Specifically, this includes analysis of transnational sub-state actors such as religious and secular NGOs, the Central American Diaspora and the Solidarity Movement in the U.S., as well as their impact on public opinion, media framing of the conflict and government officials’ decision-making.