Working and Policy Papers

The Center publishes two series, Working Papers, which highlight scholarly research on Latin America, and Policy Papers (below on this page), which focus on current issues in public policy.

Initiatives and Procedures for Submission

(Please note: All papers are formatted for two-sided printing. The blank pages are intentional.)

Working Papers

Adolescent Marriage, Agency, and Schooling in Rural Honduras
(April 2014 / Paper No. 35)
Erin Murphy-Graham and Graciela Leal
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] 

Born in the USA: The Identities of American-Born Latinos
(April 2014 / Paper No. 34)
Paul Spoonley and Beatriz Manz (with Harold Eberhart and Maribel Lopez)
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] 

Sustainable Development Opportunities at the Climate, Land, Energy and Water Nexus in Nicaragua
(February 2014 / Paper No. 33 Spanish 33S) 
Sharon Gourdji, Mathias Craig, Rebekah Shirley, Diego Ponce de Leon Barido, Eleonora Campos, Mauricio Giraldo, Mauricio Lopez, Andre F. Pereira de Lucena, Martina Luger, and Daniel M. Kammen
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] [also available en español]

Historical Timing and Party Building in "Third Wave" Democracies:
The Latin American Experience

(June 2013 / Paper No. 32)
Kenneth M. Roberts
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] 

The Art of Fernando Botero
(May 2012 / Paper No. 31)
Juan Carlos Botero
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

In China’s Mirror
(March 2012 / Paper No. 30)
Antônio Barros de Castro
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Investigative Journalism and Access to Information in Mexico
(April 2011 / Paper No. 29)
Kate Doyle
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

The Bachelet Administration: The Normalization of Politics?
(August 2009 / Paper No. 28)
Peter Siavelis & Kirsten Sehnbruch
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] 

A Record Number of Conflicts? Michelle Bachelet’s Inheritance of Unresolved Employment Issues
(July 2009 / Paper No. 27)
Kirsten Sehnbruch
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Decentralization and Access to Social Services in Colombia
(April 2009 / Paper No. 26)
Jean-Paul Faguet and Fabio Sánchez
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] 

After the Water War: Contemporary Political Culture in Cochabamba, Bolivia
(February 2009 / Paper No. 25)
Sarah Hines, Michael Shanks, Cristina Cielo
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Governance from Below in Bolivia:
A Theory of Local Government with Two Empirical Tests*

(February 2009 / Paper No. 24)
Jean-Paul Faguet
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Mythical Terrain and the Building of Mexico’s UNAM
(October 2008 / Paper No. 23)
René Davids
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Innovative Firms in Three Emerging Economies: Comparing the Brazilian, Mexican, and Argentinean Industrial Elite
(October 2008 / Paper No. 22)
Glauco Arbix
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] 

Dangerous Spaces of Citizenship: Gang Talk, Rights Talk, and Rule of Law in Brazil
(August 2008 / Paper No. 21)
James Holston
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] 

Climbing Up the Technology Ladder? High-Technology Exports in China and Latin America
(January 2008 / Paper No. 20)
Kevin P. Gallagher & Roberto Porzecanski
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Coalitional Choices and Strategic Challenges:
The Landless Movement in Brazil, 1970–2005

(September 2007 / Paper No. 19)
Wendy Muse Sinek
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Art and Violence
(August 2007 / Paper No. 18)
Thomas W. Laqueur & Francine Masiello
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Torture, Human Rights, and Terrorism
(August 2007 / Paper No. 17)
Aryeh Neier & Jenny Martinez
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

The Chilean Presidential Elections of 2005–2006: More Continuity than Change
(October 2006 / Paper No. 16)
Kirsten Sehnbruch
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Re-Regulating the Mexican Gulf
(February 2006 / Paper No. 15)
Anna Zalik
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

FDI as a Sustainable Development Strategy: Evidence from Mexican Manufacturing
(Paper No. 14 / June 2005)
Kevin P. Gallagher
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Economic Integration and the Environment in Mexico
(Paper No. 13 / June 2005)
Kevin P. Gallagher
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Privatized Unemployment Insurance: Can Chile’s New Unemployment Insurance Scheme Serve as a Model for Other Developing Countries?
(Paper No. 12 / December 2004)
Kirsten Sehnbruch
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Urban Planning: Innovations From Brazil
(Paper No. 11 / November 2004)
Jorge Wilheim
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

La evolución política de Chile (1988-2003)
(Paper No. 10 / September 2004)
Jorge Arrate
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

From the Quantity to the Quality of Employment: An Application of the Capability Approach to the Chilean Labor Market
(Paper No. 9 / May 2004)
Kirsten Sehnbruch
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

The Organizations of Unemployed Workers in Greater Buenos Aires
(Paper No. 8 / March 2004)
Gabriela Delamata
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Work, Development and Globalization
(Paper No. 7 / February 2004)
Harley Shaiken
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Cycles of Electoral Democracy in Latin America, 1900-2000
(Paper No. 6 / January 2004)
Peter Smith
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

MERCOSUR Economic Issues: Successes, Failures and Unfinished Business
(Paper No. 5 / January 2004)
Paulo Paiva and Ricardo Gazel
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Trade Strategies in the Context of Economic Regionalism: The Case of Mercosur
(Paper No. 4 / June 2003)
Alcides Costa Vaz
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

The United States and Illegal Crops in Colombia: The Tragic Mistake of Futile Fumigation
(Paper No. 3 / June 2003)
Juan Gabriel Tokatlian
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Diverging Trade Strategies in Latin America: An Analytical Framework
(Paper No. 2 / May 2003)
Vinod K. Aggarwal and Ralph H. Espach
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] 

Progressive Governance for the 21st Century: The Brazilian Experience
(Paper No. 1 / October 2001)
Vilmar Faria and Eduardo Graeff with Ana María Lopes de Almeida, Sérgio Fausto, Sergio Florêncio and Cláudia Maciel
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]



Effective Renewable Energy Policy: Leave It to the States?Cover of a CLAS Policy Paper.
(April 2011 / Paper No. 10)
Steven Weissman
[download paper as Acrobat (.pdf) file]

Transparency and Accountability: The Changing U.S. Perspective
(August 2009 / Paper No. 9)
Kristin L. Adair
[download paper as Acrobat (.pdf) file]

Mexico’s Deteriorating Oil Outlook: Implications and Energy Options for the Future
(March 2008 / Paper No. 8)
David Shields
[download paper as Acrobat (.pdf) file] 

Global and U.S. Immigration: Patterns, Issues, and Outlook
(March 2008 / Paper No. 7)
Philip Martin
[download paper as Acrobat (.pdf) file]

Long Road to the Voto Postal: Mexican Policy and People of Mexican Origin in the U.S.
(February 2006 / Paper No. 6)
David R. Ayón
[download paper as Acrobat (.pdf) file] 

Meeting the Need for Safe Drinking Water in Rural Mexico through Point-of-Use Treatment
(February 2006 / Paper No. 5; in Spanish, 5S)
Micah Lang, Forest Kaser, Fermin Reygadas, Kara Nelson, & Daniel M. Kammen
[download paper as Acrobat (.pdf) file in English or in Spanish]

Pemex: Problems and Policy Options
(February 2006 / Paper No. 4)
David Shields
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

The Women of Ciudad Juárez
(Paper No. 3 / May 2005)
Mariclaire Acosta Urquidi
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

A Social, Public Safety, and Security Argument for Licensing Undocumented Drivers
(Paper No. 2 / December 2004)
Gilbert Cedillo
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)]

Modernizing the International Boundary and Water Commission
(Paper No. 1 / February 2004)
Mary E. Kelly and Alberto Székely
[download paper as Acrobat file (.pdf)] 

Policies for Submissions

Faculty, graduates students and affiliates of the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) are encouraged to submit scholarly papers for publication and posting through the CLAS Working and Policy Papers series. The Center publishes papers addressed to a diverse readership of scholars, students, policy-makers and others interested in Latin America.

Working Paper manuscripts may be 5,000 to 15,000 words in length while Policy Papers should range from 4,500 to 7,000 words. Both should include a title, the author’s name and affiliation, an abstract of no more than 150 words and a keyword list that will help users locate your paper in an online search.

Submit the paper via email to Julia Byrd at You will be sent a copy of our author agreement. Please submit a signed copy of the author agreement to CLAS at by fax at 510-642-3260 or through arrangement with CLAS staff.

The Center prints and binds each paper, and the author receives five complimentary copies. All papers are uploaded to the University of California eScholarship Repository and distributed to affiliates of CLAS. In addition, they are available on the CLAS website.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • Use either endnotes or footnotes, as you prefer.
  • Use the author-date system for citations as described in the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, Chapter 16.
  • For best results, if including charts or graphs created in Excel, attach the original Excel document(s) along with your paper.
  • If including photographs, credit the photographer(s) and provide documentation that you have permission to use the photographs. CLAS cannot publish photographs without the appropriate permissions.
  • Use simple formatting. All original formatting will be stripped out of the paper and our standard style will be applied in our design program.