Now online: Tinker Summer Research Reports from graduate students in the field in Latin America.

Examining anti-black violence throughout the Americas in a three-day symposium.

On the CLAS Blog: Ana Tello on attempts to improve and expand the teaching of Quechua and Andean culture in the U.S.


CLAS Working Papers

Cover of CLAS Working Paper by Kenneth Roberts.

Born in the USA: The Identities of American-Born Latinos

Paul Spoonley and Beatriz Manz (with Harold Eberhart and Maribel Lopez)

Summer 2019 Research

A 2017 Tinker grantee in the field.
Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 CLAS Summer Research Grants! Grant winners and projects


A gathering place for returned migrant youth at a school in Oaxaca. (Photo by Adriana Ramirez.)
Looking at migrant youth returning to Mexico