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Highlights from this issue:

- Harley Shaiken reflects on two decades as CLAS Chair
- Javier Couso on Chile's road to a new constitution
- Isabel Allende and Adam Hochschild on her A Long Petal of the Sea

Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies
ISSN # 2694-1368
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CLAS Chair Emeritus Harley Shaiken on this issue of the Berkeley Review.

Harley Shaiken reflects on two decades of community growth and impact during his tenure as Chair of CLAS.

Javier Couso looks at the prospects and process for a new Constitution for Chile.

James Lamb on the upheaval in Chile and its political underpinnings, focused on Gabriel Boric, who visited CLAS in February 2020.

María Inclán on the stormy relationship between the Zapatistas and Mexico's president.

Elize M. Fonseca and Ken Shadlen on Latin America's important and growing generic drug market.

Elizabeth Farnsworth and María José Calderón on the career of a legendary Chilean journalist.

Charles Walker on the intersection of violent conflict and the pursuit of human rights in Peru.

Authors Isabel Allende and Adam Hochschild discuss Allende's novel, the Spanish Civil War, and the voyage of the SS Winnipeg.

Two U.S. poets across 150 years speak to a vision for the soul of their country.