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Highlights of the Spring 2007 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies:

- Fernando Botero brings his controversial "Abu Ghraib" paintings to Berkeley;
- Michelle Bachelet confronts challenges in her first few months as president of Chile;
- Maria Echaveste looks at the notion of a "Latino vote" in U.S. elections. 

Fernando Botero’s Abu Ghraib

Fernando Botero in conversation with UC Berkeley Professor and former Poet Laureate Robert Hass.
Jean Spencer reveals the inside story of how this remarkable exhibition and series of events came about.
Selections from the paintings and drawings in the exhibit.
Leading figures from the fields of human rights, law, art and psychology--Aryeh Neier, José Zalaquett, Jenny Martinez, and Philip Zimbardo--discuss the role of torture from the Middle Ages to the present.
Three UC Berkeley professors, Francine Masiello, Tom Laqueur and T.J. Clark, place Fernando Botero’s “Abu Ghraib” series in historical and artistic context.
Colombian journalist and CLAS Senior Scholar Daniel Coronell interviews Fernando Botero.
CLAS Senior Scholar Kirsten Sehnbruch discusses the rocky implementation of Chile’s Transantiago transport system and its effect on Michelle Bachelet’s presidency.
CLAS Senior Scholar Maria Echaveste performs a close analysis of the 2006 election results and what they reveal about Latino voters.
UC Berkeley Public Health Professor Eva Harris builds community and capacity in her efforts to control the spread of dengue.
Carlos Chamorro provides a perspective on the recent election of Sandinista Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua.
More than 60 years after Juan Perón was first elected president of Argentina, his party continues to dominate Argentine politics. Torcuato Di Tella of the University of Buenos Aires looks at this continuity.
Professor Myrna Santiago describes “the ecology of oil” created by oil barons in Veracruz early in the last century.
Kjeld Jakobsen discusses the challenges facing the Brazilian labor movement.
Graduate student Joshua Jelly Schapiro reviews the film "Manda Bala."
Graduate student and Tinker Summer Research Grant recipient Christian DiCanio describes his research into the Trique language of western Oaxaca state.
Graduate student Meredith Perry reviews Daniel Alarcón’s Lost City Radio.
A poem by Robert Hass.