Screening: Proyecto Historias de Hombres — ¡En Voz Alta!

Directed by Josie Lehrer (Chile, 2012)

Film Screening and Director's Talk

October 30, 2012

Subtitled Trailer - Proyecto Historias de Hombres: ¡En Voz Alta! (The MSP: Out Loud!)

Event Description

CLAS will show selected clips from the film, followed by a discussion with the director.


What does it mean to “be a man” in Latin America? Described by viewers as “a gift for the soul,” “courageous,” “motivating,” and “necessary,” this documentary film highlights a diverse group of Chilean men — celebrities, community leaders, and first-time presenters — sharing personal stories with a live audience at a popular theater in Santiago. With unusual candor, the men’s stories explore Chilean social beliefs about masculinity and gender relations, and links with issues including family relationships, domestic violence, LGBT rights, classism, physical disability, and HIV/AIDS. Introduced by Coco Legrand. Spanish with no subtitles.