Summer 2017

Tinker Student Research Reports, Summer 2017

The Center for Latin American Studies offers grants for field research to graduate students during the summer. In turn, those students report on their activities and findings. Selections of that research are published below, and occasionally in the Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies. Older reports are available at, or under the drop-down menu above to the right.

Tinker Student Research Reports, Summer 2017

Highlighted reports:
· Carlos Martinez
looks at possible causes of kidney disease in Central America
- The health effects of gold-mining: Jimena Diaz Leiva in the Peruvian Amazon and Sebastian Rubiano-Galvis on Colombia

Tracy Brannstrom

Nicole-Marie Cotton

Meg Cychosz

Catarina de Morais Gama

Jimena Diaz Leiva

Alfonso Fierro

Robin Fink

Monica Gimenes

Jesús Gutiérrez

Intraspecific morphological variation across climatic gradients in cloud forest epiphytes

Drew Ellison Hart


Clarissa Margaret Ibarra

Rosa Alicia Jiménez

Carlos Martinez

Julia Nee

Yessica Liliana Porras

Sebastian Rubiano-Galvis

Manuel Santana Palacios 

Carlos Schmidt Padilla

Vicente Tinoco

Miles Culpepper