Summer 2018

Tinker Student Research Reports, Summer 2018

The Center for Latin American Studies offers grants for field research to graduate students during the summer. In turn, those students report on their activities and findings. Selections of that research are published below, and occasionally in the Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies. Older reports are available at, or under the drop-down menu above to the right.

Tinker Student Research Reports, Summer 2018

Highlighted reports:
On climate change: Katherine Siegel
 looks at hurricanes and agriculture in Central America, while Emma Steigerwald examines effects of changing water systems on frogs in the Andes

By Michiko Arai

By Laura Belik

By Claire Boone

By Pascale Boucicaut

By Julia Flor Branco

By Priscila Coli Rocha.

By Stephanie Covarrubias

By Evan Fernández

By Lucy Gill

By Lesdi Goussen

By Jimmy Mahady

By Isaac Marck

By Aaron Pomerantz

By Adriana Ramirez

By Heather Regen

By Francesca Rubino

By Diana Ruiz

By Katherine Siegel

By Venecia Slotten

By Emma Steigerwald

By Alice Taylor

By Robyn Taylor-Neu

By Ana Lucia Tello

By Caroline Tracey

By Levi Vonk

By Naomi Wilcox

By Jacob Wolbert