The U.S.–Mexico Futures Forum

 Human Rights Triptych, by Rufino Tamayo.
Human Rights Triptych, by Rufino Tamayo.

The U.S.–Mexico Futures Forum is a joint project launched by the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México in Mexico City and the Center for Latin American Studies at UC Berkeley. The goal of the on-going forum is to bring together a diverse group of people from both countries — political actors, scholars, public intellectuals, artists and representatives of social movements — to candidly explore the state of the U.S.–Mexico relationship and seek innovative new approaches to improving binational cooperation.

The main U.S.–Mexico Futures Forum website is currently under renovation. If you have questions, please contact Greg Louden at galadan(at)

Conferences of the Forum

2017: Tiburon

2011: Berkeley

2010: Zacatecas

2009: Berkeley

2008: Ciudad de México

2006: San Francisco Bay Area

2005: Morelia

2003: San Francisco Bay Area

2002: Cuernavaca