Visiting Professor: Barry Carr

Barry Carr

Visiting Professor: 2008-09

Barry Carr taught at La Trobe University in Melbourne from 1972 until 2008 and served as director of the university’s Institute of Latin American Studies for most of that period. The first president of the newly formed network of Latin Americanists of Asia and Oceania, CELAO, his research has focused mostly on modern Mexico and Cuba. He is currently completing a history of Mexico since the 1940s and a study of the Cuban sugar industry, 1910-1935, as well as co-editing a collection of essays on the emergence of a new constellation of left-wing and center-left politics in Latin America. His earlier books include: Marxism and Communism in Twentieth Century MexicoThe Cuba Reader: History, Politics and CultureEl movimiento obrero y la politica en Mexico 1910-1928. During his stay in Berkeley, he will be teaching courses on Cuban history and testimonial literature.

Fall 2008 Pink, Red or Tutti Frutti? Where Is Latin America Heading Politically?
Fall 2008 Pink Tide Rising
Fall 2010 Mexico: Radicals, Revolutionaries and Exiles: Mexico City in the 1920s
Fall 2010 Conference: 1810 ~ 1910 ~2010: Mexico's Unfinished Revolutions