The Wind Doesn’t Need a Passport

Tyche Hendricks

Part of the Spring 2010 U.S.–Mexico Futures Forum Series

May 6, 2010

Event Description

From a distance, the border looks like a dividing line. For journalist Tyche Hendricks, it’s really a region: more borderlands than borderline. In The Wind Doesn’t Need a Passport, she captures the stories of American and Mexican ranchers, factory workers, police and doctors who inhabit one of the least understood places in either country.

A new picture of the borderlands emerges from her reporting — as a common ground alive with the energy of cultural exchange and international commerce, burdened with too-rapid growth and binational conflict, and underlain with a deep sense of history.


Tyche Hendricks is an editor at KQED Public Radio and a lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. For many years she covered immigration and demographics at The San Francisco Chronicle.