VIDEOMaria Echaveste, Daniel Coronell, and Paul Pierson look at the U.S. election and the Americas.

New courses for Spring 2021: Second semester of both beginning and intermediate Nahuatl. More information

VIDEO: Gabriel Boric and Paul Pierson on recent elections in the U.S. and Chile's drive for a new constitution. English subtitles now available

Need a course for Spring 2021?  CLAS has a list of courses for those interested in Latin America for the semester.

Fall 2020 Highlights

- Denise Dre
sser, "Mexico Under AMLO: Moving Forward or Falling Apart?" and Lorenzo Meyer, "AMLO and Challenges for Mexico"

- Celia Stahr on her new book, "Frida in America"

Almudena Bernabeu, one of the lawyers involved, on "The Jesuits Massacre Trial"

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Fernando Botero's "Abu Ghraib."
In memoriam: Stan Ovshinsky (1922-2012)
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