Nov 14: Cine Latino - "Neighboring Sounds" looks at a Brazilian neighborhood coming apart as an aging patriarch is challenged.

Nov 20: Filmmaker Rick Tejada Flores' documentary uncovers his family's past in Bolivia's history.

Now online: Tinker Summer Research Reports from graduate students in the field in Latin America.

Upcoming Events

Cine Latino

Directed by Kléber Medonça (Brazil, 2012)

Wednesday, November 14 | 7:00 pm

Anthony W. Fontes

Friday, November 16 | 12:00 pm

National Resource Center

CLAS, U.S. Department of Education, and UC Berkeley logos.
The Center for Latin American Studies is proud to be a designated National Resource Center for its influence in the study of the region.


Isabel Allende signs books for fans at CLAS, April 2013. (Photo by Peg Skorpinski.)
Congratulations to Isabel Allende, a CLAS community member, on being the first Latina and Spanish-language author to win the Distinguished Contribution to American Letters medal.

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Fernando Botero's "Abu Ghraib."
In memoriam: Stan Ovshinsky (1922-2012)
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