Friday May 29 3 pm PT: CLAS Virtual Event - Panel discussion on "Migration, the U.S.–Mexico Border, and Covid-19" · More information · REGISTER HERE

Resources to continue research on Latin America highlighted during a talk with UC Berkeley librarian Liladhar R. Pendse. (video)

VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE: Historian Adam Hochschild in a CLAS Virtual Event, "Rebel Cinderella." Video here

VIDEO AVAILABLE: Lucrecia Hernández Mack and Karen Musalo virtual event on "Covid-19, the Northern Triangle, and U.S. Immigration Policy."

Upcoming CLAS Virtual Event

Panel Discussion:

"Migration, the U.S. – Mexico Border, and Covid-19"

Featuring Stefano M. Bertozzi, Elizabeth Oglesby, Katie Sharar, Adalberto Ramos, and Beatriz Manz

Friday, May 29, 3 pm PT · REGISTER HERE

Covid-19 and Latin America

A Covid-19 illustration of the structure of the virus. (Image from the Center for Disease Control.)

UC Berkeley's Stefano Bertozzi NYTimes op-ed: "Trump Is Using the Pandemic to Flout Immigration Laws"
More from CLAS: Covid-19 pandemic in Latin America coverage


A researcher at the crown of an ungurahui. (Photo courtesy of Giovanna Figueroa.)

CLAS Summer Research: Giovanna Figueroa on biodiversity in the Peruvian Amazon

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Fernando Botero's "Abu Ghraib."
In memoriam: Stan Ovshinsky (1922-2012)
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