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New course with Colombian governor and presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo at CLAS, Spring 2019.  More information

CLASBlog: Berkeley alum Steve Fisher on AMLO's successful campsign in Mexico.

The Center at UC Berkeley

Audience members at Isabel Allende's "Maya's Notebook."CLAS works to create a community of Latin Americanist students, scholars, and practitioners; to develop innovative policy solutions through our unique network; and to enhance public understanding of Latin American culture and politics in the United States.

Events at CLAS

Diego Luna introduces a screening of "Cesar Chavez," March 2014. (Photo by Jim Block.)The Center sponsors talks, film screenings, and more!  Find out what's happening on our Program tab, and sign up for our email updates!

CLAS Research

CLAS sponsored summer field research.CLAS supports faculty and student research on Latin America. Find out more on our Research page.