Latin American Languages

Wall with Rarámuri words against a sunset

Berkeley offers multiple ways to study Latin American langauges, on and off campus. 


Members of the Mayan community in Oakland, the Laney Latinx Cultural Center, and UC Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies offers workshops in Mam Language during summer 2023. 
More information can be found here. With questions, please email


The Berkeley Department of Spanish and Portuguese is offering Nahuatl to Berkeley students for credit during the academic year as a real-time distance-learning course taught by native-language instructors from the University of Utah and IDIEZ (the Institute for Teaching and Research in Ethnology) in Zacatecas, Mexico. The course focuses on Nahua culture, history, and modern life. More information is available here. This course is organized by the University of Utah and supported by CLAS.

There are two other ways to study Nahuatl, not for credit: 

  1. Laney College offers Nahuatl courses for non-Berkeley students can enroll in Nahuatl courses at Laney College. For more information, with Professor Arturo Davila-Sanchez, Coordinator of the Latinx Cultural center at Laney College. More information is available here, or please contact Prof. Davila-Sanchez at (
  2. University of Utah Continuing Education allows students and non-students to audit Nahuatl courses at the University of Utah by registering for the continuing education section of the course. Seats are limited, participants would have to pay for continuing education enrollment, and no credit is offered.


Portuguese courses are available through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese


CLAS is a partner of the Quechua Alliance


Spanish courses are available through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese

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