CineLatino: ¡De Panzazo!

Directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo and Carlos Loret de Mola (Mexico, 2012)

Part of the Fall 2012 CineLatino Series 

November 3, 2012

¡DE PANZAZO! Trailer Oficial


“¡De Panzazo!” a documentary that takes its name from the Mexican slang term for “barely passing,” takes a hard look at the state of education in Mexico. While the film includes typical documentary fare such as interviews with the parents, teachers, and the country’s fearsome union boss, its hardest hitting moments were filmed by students themselves, covertly wielding handheld cameras inside their classrooms. “¡De Panzazo!” has generated widespread interest and solid box office in Mexico, focusing the nation’s attention on its dismal educational results. 80 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles.

“In a country where ‘education for everyone’ has been a battle cry since the Mexican Revolution 100 years ago, ‘De Panzazo’ finds fault all around.” — Ken Ellingwood, The Los Angeles Times