Daniel A. Rodriguez

Job title: 
Professor of City & Regional Planning
College of Environmental Design

Daniel A. Rodríguez is Chancellor’s Professor of City and Regional Planning and Associate Director of the Institute for Transportation Studies. His research focuses on the relationship between transportation, land development, and the health and environmental consequences that follow.

A majority of Professor Rodríguez’s work is driven by practical problems and finding solutions for planners and policy-makers. Working with researchers in health, economics, engineering, geography and public policy, he has examined how changes to the physical attributes of the environment, such as the location of bus routes, rail lines, supermarkets and trails, are related to changes in the built environment, individual behavior, health, and air quality. His work also examines how land management tools can be used to encourage transit development and recapture property value increases by public action.

Prior to joining Berkeley, Rodriguez served in the faculty of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where he was Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Communities in the Department of City and Regional Planning. He is a faculty fellow of the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, and has been a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank, Andean Development Bank, and the Clean Air Institute.

Research interests: 

Transportation policy and planning, and environmental planning and healthy cities.