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CLAS Virtual Event: "Who Killed Berta Cáceres?" with author Nina LakhaniJoseph Berra, and Rosemary Joyce. Video coming soon!

Video now available: Panel discussion on "Migration, the U.S.–Mexico Border, and Covid-19"

Covid-19 and Latin America

A Covid-19 illustration of the structure of the virus. (Image from the Center for Disease Control.)
CLAS has created and will be updating a list of information and sources about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in Latin America

CLAS on YouTube

The leader for the CLAS event "Migrations, the U.S.-Mexico Border, and Covid-19."
Panel discussion on migration, the border, and Covid-19

U.S.-Mexico Futures Forum

Rufino Tamayo's Human Rights Trilogy, logo of the U.S.-Mexico Futures Forum.A collaboration between CLAS and ITAM in Mexico City, the Forum brings together scholars and leaders working to bridge the gaps between the two countries. 

Mexico and Covid-19

Andrés Manuel López Obrador shakes hands with children at an event on March 15, 2020. (Photo courtesy of the Presidencia de la República Mexicana.)

CLAS Blog: Denise Dresser on Mexico's escalating Covid-19 crisis.