Tinker Summer Field Research Symposium

Research Talks

October 25, 2012

Event Description

This symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about the current research done by UC Berkeley graduate students who spent last summer in Latin America. Field research grants were provided by CLAS with the generous support of the Tinker Foundation.

Thursday, October 25

Time Presenter Title
4:00 Introduction
4:10 Daniela Peña Corvillon A Plan to Reverse the Negative Developments of the Cauto River, Cuba
4:25 Erin Rodriguez The Multivocality of Daily Life at the Intersection of Past and Presents
4:40 Krista Brune Translating Brazil: Imagining a Misplaced and In-Between Nation

Friday, February 24

Time Presenter Title
3:00 Introduction
3:10 David Tamayo Voluntary Associations and the Mexican Middle Class, 1920-1960
3:25 Melanie Miller Investigating Human Diet and Bone Health in the Colombian Andes: Prehistoric and early Spanish Colonial Experiences
3:40 Darko Cotoras Colonization of the most isolated island on Earth: What is the origin of the spider Tetragnatha paschae?
3:55 Erin Donnelly Documentation of Choapan Zapotec
4:10 Daniel Peixoto Irby Validation of a Survey for Assessment of Human Milk Bank Promotion at Herculano Pinheiro Maternity Hospital in Madureira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
4:25 Victor Villalobos Trying to improve food choice and fight information asymmetry in the Latin-American food market
4:40 John Erickson Intermittent Water Supply